Top 3 Moments From ‘RHOC’ Season 15 Episode 4

Here are 3 Top moments from Wednesday night’s episode that will most likely play out during future episodes!

Things are getting pretty explosive between some of the ladies and Braunwyn. The episode left off last week as “To be continued…” so naturally, Wednesday night’s episode picked up right where it left off. Let’s get into these top 3 moments.

Gina and Braunwyn Continue To Fight

The episode picked up from the “sloppy chihuahua” comment where Braunwyn said she was 30 days sober, threw her glass and ran off in tears. Gina and all of the ladies except Shannon and Emily did not know about Braunwyn’s sobriety journey. Gina and Braunwyn’s husband Sean went back and forth with each other for a bit before he went off to check on Braunwyn. He convinced her to go back and talk to Gina.

The two talked on the porch and things still didn’t go too well. They brought up a text that Sean sent to Gina that she felt was inappropriate and uncomfortable. Braunwyn said it was disgusting for Gina to think that because Sean was only checking to make sure Gina got home safely after he called her an Uber one night when they were all out together.

Later in the episode, we see Gina tell Emily that Braunwyn texted her to see if she wanted to meet up and talk one on one so, once again, it will be “to be continued” with their ongoing feud.

Elizabeth and Kelly Talk

While shopping together, Emily told Kelly that after finding out about Braunwyn’s sobriety, she wants to be there to support her whether it’s a listening ear or going to AA meetings with her. She explained she knows about alcoholism because her father was an alcoholic.

Kelly went on to say that it was rude of Braunwyn to throw Shannon under the bus and Elizabeth said she just doesn’t think Braunwyn knows about not having a lot of money so she probably took Shannon’s words about Gina’s home wrong.

Emily explained she knows what it’s like to struggle because her family didn’t have money growing up and made things work so she celebrates Gina picking herself up after her divorce and surviving.

Shannon and Braunwyn

Toward the end of the episode, Braunwyn called Shannon to tell her that, despite their argument, she still wanted Shannon and her family to attend her upcoming vowel renewal. Shannon replied she’d think about it and stands by her claim that she did not say that Gina’s home was sad and depressing. Well Braunwyn stands by her claim that Shannon did, but she wouldn’t bring it up anymore. They both agree to see how things will go so they can move forward.

Well that’s it for this week’s OC episode recap! See ya next week and don’t forget, you can catch new episodes every Wednesday at 9pm!

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