“The Scorpion and the Frog” Season 2 Episode 10 ‘The Chi’ Review

Chef Beanz, Erika Edwards, Lauren the truth and kittie KaBoom broke it down for the finale by highlighting Emmet stepping up to take responsibility for Tiffany’s latest pregnancy, Ronnie reconciles with his Dad in Arkansas after a lifetime of an estranged relationship, Darnell and Jada ALMOST bump uglies and Reggie gets shot up in broad daylight.


The South Side of Chicago carries daily danger, and the smallest and simplest of decisions can have life or death consequences for the residents. Life continues as the kids prep for school and their parents shuffle off to work. The young adults of the area are trying to scrape a living for themselves, while the elders sit on their front porches and observe the goings on. The South Side has the potential to crush dreams, and this coming-of-age series focuses on Kevin, a preteen who embraces the normal rites of childhood, Brandon, who makes a leap of faith to succeed in love and life with Jerrika, Emmett, who seeks guidance from his mother, and Ronnie, who is a drifter struggling to be loved. All of them are linked together by sheer coincidence as they seek redemption.

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