The Most Breathtaking Movies Shot on Film in 2023!

Is film making a comeback in Hollywood? Discover why top blockbusters are choosing film over digital!

Movies shot on film have long been the cornerstone of Hollywood, capturing an authentic essence that often evokes nostalgia in viewers. Recently, many directors of cinematography have shown a renewed interest in reverting to 35mm film. This shift is driven by a desire to recapture the enchanting and magical feel that traditional film inherently provides. In 2023, several notable movies have embraced this trend, being shot using film cameras. These films stand as testaments to the enduring appeal and distinctive aesthetic of film cinematography.


Saltburn, captured by Linus Sandgren, exemplifies the enchanting quality of 35mm film. The film distinguishes itself with an atypical 4:3 aspect ratio, nearing a square shape.

In an interview with Kodak, Sandgren explained how, “Shooting 35mm, with its finer grain, would allow us to heighten the luxurious elements of the set and costume design, while framing and lighting would bring an uncanny, unsettling emotional detachment.” Additionally, the strategic use of framing and lighting was intended to evoke a sense of emotional detachment, adding an eerie, unsettling layer to the film’s atmosphere.


This year, Oppenheimer stood out as another highly acclaimed film shot on film. The movie’s cinematography, led by Hoyte van Hoytema, utilized a mix of IMAX 65mm and Panavision 65mm film. In a conversation with Kodak, director Christopher Nolan remarked, “Film gives you a depth to the image that I find inherently more emotionally powerful, more accessible.” His statement highlights the unique emotional resonance and visual depth that film brings to cinematic storytelling.

Poor Things

Poor Things, another movie shot on traditional film, stands out as a visual marvel, notably due to its use of extremely wide and vintage lenses. The cinematographer was Robbie Ryan, and he chose to shoot on Arri’s Arricam ST. This choice of equipment contributes to the film’s distinctively old-timey ambiance while simultaneously infusing it with a fresh, contemporary style. The combination of these unique lenses with the film medium enhances the movie’s aesthetic, creating a fusion of classic charm and modern flair.

Killers of the Flower Moon

Finally, Killers of the Flower Moon was filmed by Director of Photography Rodrigo Prieto, who chose to shoot primarily on 35mm film. He used Arricam LT and ST cameras, complemented by Panavision T-series and Petzval anamorphic lenses, to capture the essence of the film. Prieto’s cinematography in Killers is notably exquisite, demonstrating the captivating beauty and artistry achievable through traditional film techniques.

We’re witnessing a thrilling era in cinema. The resurgence of film in major blockbuster hits signals a potential widespread revival of traditional filmmaking techniques in both TV and film. The unique, nostalgic ambiance that film brings resonates deeply with audiences, imbuing the viewing experience with a magical quality that feels both familiar and enchanting. This trend marks a fascinating shift in how stories are told and experienced on screen.

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