The ‘Fast X’ Trailer Has Arrived! Here’s What Social Media Is Saying!

Fasten your seatbelts because we finally have the trailer for the penultimate installment of the Fast & Furious saga, and we have the internet’s best reactions and theories.

Are you in need of a little family time? Well, luckily, Vin Diesel and company have got you covered! The trailer for Fast X has finally hit the internet!

Keeping in line with past entries in the series, this film looks like it is going to up the stakes, giving us bigger action, crazier set pieces, and an even larger family. The biggest reveal of the trailer is no doubt Jason Mamoa, as Dante, the film’s villain. It looks like he has direct ties to Hernan Reyes, the bad guy from Fast Five, and is planning to take his revenge on Dom and his family because of their actions in Rio.

The trailer also introduces us to some new friendly faces, with Oscar winners Rita Moreno and Brie Larson joining the cast. While they may be new to us, Moreno is actually playing Dom’s Grandmother.

Larson may also be a family member, as some speculate she could be an O’Conner. Possibly Brian’s sister.

Of course, being a Fast & Furious movie, the fans have been having the time of their lives making memes about the new trailer.

At the trailer premiere, Diese teased the plans for the 11th and final installment. It looks like Dom and his family will be going up against an evil tech billionaire, and Diesel wants Robert Downey Jr. to play him!


He says that this tech villain is the antithesis to Dom, and that would be an insane way to end the franchise, and we are all here for it!

Diesel also talked about this being the beginning of the end of the franchise. He spoke about how the lore and mythology just keep growing and even compared the planning of the franchise to Lord of The Rings.

Tickets went on sale before the trailer even came out, and we are getting another teaser this Sunday during the Super Bowl! We can NOT wait for Fast X and will be first in line when it drifts into theaters on May 19th!

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