The Chi S3 E3 Recap & After Show: Kick down the door to get what’s yours!

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The Chi After Show Podcast Recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Showtime’s The Chi.
Season 3 premiere of The Chi opens with Kevin’s mom getting married to a new character, Dre, on the same day as Brandon’s funeral. Keisha has a chance to leave Chicago with track scholarships and Emmett encourages her to do something with her life. Meanwhile, he has taken over Brandon’s Taco Truck and promises Kev that he’ll look out for him. Trig, a new character who is actually Jake’s older brother, has a violent runin with Duda. Ronnie is still drinking and passes Keisha at a bus stop leaving us to think she has been abducted.
Be sure to check out the After Show hosted by: Lauren Hubbard, Chef Beanz, & Erika Edwards.

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