The best of the best go head to head! – S40 E1 ‘Survivor’ Recap & Review

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The veteran reality series hosted by Jeff Probst brings its 18 castaways to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, for its 30th installment. This season sees the group divided into three tribes — the white collars, which includes a corporate executive and a retail buyer, the blue collars, which includes a postal worker and a contractor, and the no collars, consisting of free-spirited individuals who are known to break the rules. The three tribes approach the game and how the interact with each other differently, while all sharing the same goal, to earn the title of Sole Survivor.

Episode Recap

The winners arrive on the beach, but there’s no time for cheerful reunions. Dakal is the first tribe to win immunity, sending Sele to tribal council. A battle of new school vs. old school, Denise and Adam make a rookie mistake, and connections are ultimately the downfall for Natalie and Jeremy, with Natalie being the first contestant voted out. A poker alliance becomes the talk of the tribe when Sele wins immunity, sending Dakal to tribal council. Fire tokens come into play, Sandra gets an idol, and Amber becomes the second castaway voted out. 

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Veronica Valencia (@itsmveronica_v) Mike Thieling (@mikethieling)

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Ripley's Stalking Amanda; Kyle and Summer Make Things Official
by AfterBuzz TV

Summer and Kyle discuss making things official, but he needed to stop off and grab his things at Lola’s first. Lola and Kyle have a talk where she admits she knows things are over between them forever, and Kyle agrees with her assessment. Back at Jabot, Jack warns that Summer and Kyle shouldn’t be so quick to take their relationship to a public level.

Amanda’s trying to handle things with Ripley who just won’t leave her alone. Meanwhile, Billy’s going off the deep end, crashing cars and yelling on the top of buildings. Victor advises Jack to let Billy fail on his own for once and pick up his own pieces.

Rachel Goodman hosts today’s show. You can follow her @RachelRadnorauthor

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