The Best Moments From Season 1 Of ‘Only Murders in the Building’!

Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short give us the most hilarious and surprising moments in our favorite new murder mystery show. In honor of the season 2 premiere, here are some of our favorite moments from season 1! 

If you love true crime, comedy, binge watchable series, and a TV show full of surprises, Only Murders in the Building is the perfect show for you! The cast starring Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin bring us so many laughs and a whole lot of jumpscares. For those of you who are preparing to binge watch season 2, let us remind you why you fell in love with this show in the first place!

The detectives – we mean true crime junkies – always say exactly what we’re thinking and somehow manage to deliver the funniest lines amidst the most terrible crimes. Look out for season 1 spoilers ahead while we give you our most loved scenes from the show!

When The Gang Brings Sting A Turkey

After Oliver, Mabel, and Charles develop the theory that Sting may be behind poisoning Winnie and murdering Tim Kono, they take an elavator ride to Sting’s floor. Wanting to come off as inconspicuous, the trio decides to present a turkey to the artist. This scene was easily one of the most comedic!

When The Main Characters Meet In The Elevator

Watching the juxtaposition of the 3 main characters’ personalities is genius. An oblivious Oliver rattles on and on while Mabel and Charles are clearly disinterested. Putting two “boomers” and a millennial in a confined space is bound to deliver a captivating scene.

When The Gang Finds Out The Dimas’ Are Involved

The ultimate plot twist is the secrets that the Dimas’ are keeping. Who would have ever predicted that the franchise that is supporting the podcast would also be tied into the mystery? It’s such a creative idea, not to mention it fits perfectly with the story arch.

When We Find Out That Mabel Knew Tim Kono

No one saw this coming! Another shock and such a smart move on the writer’s part. Seeing the back story and relationship between these two characters immediately added a whole new layer to this mystery!

Charles Discreetly Informing Howard That He’s Being Recorded

This scene was by far one of our favorite Steve Martin parts! His socially awkward character legally has to inform Howard (the cat guy), who they believe to be the murderer, that he’s being recorded. In his embarrassing manner, Charles ends up dropping Howard’s dead cat on the floor and breaking its frozen leg too.

The Heartwarming Video Of Tim to Oscar

When Mabel searches Tim’s phone, she comes across a video of him apologizing to Oscar and calling him a brother. This moment gives the characters some closure, as well as hope!


When Mabel Saves Her Friends

At the end of the day, the series is about friendship and connection. In a short time these characters bond over the real life mystery in their own apartment. These friendships are so strong that they risk their lives for each other. Watching Mabel come to the rescue of her unlikely friends proves that if you give people a chance, they might just surprise you!

We hope you enjoyed our favorite Only Murders in the Building scenes, and don’t forget to catch the new season of the series on Hulu!

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