The Best Holiday-Themed ‘SNL’ Skits!

Now that the holidays are here, there’s no better way to relieve that holiday stress than with a little comedy. Here are our favorite SNL skits that remind you how crazy the holidays really are!

We’ve officially entered the holiday season, and that comes with more stress and craziness than most can handle. Whether you’re shopping, dealing with your family, or even just trying to make it through the snow, things can be tough. Luckily for us, SNL realizes we all go through the same things, and has brought us plenty of holiday comic relief throughout the past few years. Here’s our breakdown of the best holiday-themed SNL skits you need to watch this December.

Starting off with probably the funniest of them all, Ryan Gosling’s “Santa Baby” sketch!

Obviously, Santa is real, who told you otherwise? Vanessa Bayer and Ryan Gosling are featured as a somewhat intense couple who are demanding to meet Santa, the real one, at their neighborhood’s holiday party. This skit is one of SNL’s best and absolutely a must-watch this holiday season.

Did you get your mom a robe as a present? Stop it, right now!

Mom’s are always getting robes for Christmas, we’re all guilty of it. Kristen Wiig reminds us in this catchy “music video” that your mom deserves more presents than your dog this holiday season. And if you do get her a robe, make sure there are at least matching slippers!

Did you seriously buy a car without asking me?

It’s a December to remember at your local car dealership, and just like every car commercial on tv…ever… someone bought a car for the holidays. This skit really gets down to the root of holiday advertising and makes us laugh in the best way. Plus, who doesn’t love a little Timothee Chalamet?

Matt Damon playing a dad on Christmas morning? Sign me up!

They’ve really just been knocking these realistic holiday situations out of the park! Christmas morning is magical in its own unique way, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything. From the 5 am wake-up call to the unique gift from your kids, there are so many pieces that make the holidays the “best ever”. Matt Damon and Cecily Strong portray the average, completely exhausted parents on Christmas morning that we all know and love. Another spot-on holiday skit that will make you feel less alone this holiday season.

Would you look at that… it’s another skit about getting women the wrong gift!

Seems to be a theme, huh SNL? Those bracelet charms really used to be all the rage, and of course, every woman needed one, right? Do you have a dog? Here’s a charm! I’ve seen you carry a purse, so guess what… I got you a purse charm! Can we officially say those days are behind us?

Home for the holidays with a significant other? This one’s for you!

Not sure about you, but “(Do It On My) Twin Bed” is our favorite relatable holiday song. Sometimes you just gotta suck it up and bring someone to your childhood home, and these ladies cover every possible problem that could come out of that situation. What’s not sexy about a childhood bedroom covered in participation ribbons and teen magazine posters? Exactly.

Now SNL doesn’t have a great number of Hanukkah skits, but one moment we can’t forget is Adam Sandler’s original song.

A very young Adam Sandler realized there are not enough Hanukkah songs in the world, and decided it was time for a new one. Honestly, this is one of SNL’s most iconic moments and should be included on any list of SNL skits to rewatch.

Although the holidays can bring a lot of unnecessary stress and drama, you’re not alone. All of America seems to go through the same issues, and SNL will make sure that some quality comedy comes out of it. When in doubt, just come back to this list to make your days a little more merry and bright!

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