The Baker and the Beauty S1 E5 Recap & After Show: Papapaarazzzi

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Episode Recap

The Baker and the Beauty starts with the paparazzi chasing after Daniel Garcia (Victor Rasuk) who is just making deliveries; but back at the bakery, there are several gifts for endorsement left for Daniel. His sister, Natalie Garcia (Belissa Escobedo), and brother, Mateo Garcia (David Del Rio) are encouraging him to accept all the items as everyone wants him to have them as he is Noa Hamilton’s (Nathalie Kelley) boyfriend. Daniel goes to see his parents, Mari (Lisa Vidal) and Rafael Garcia (Carlos Gomez) who are enjoying some of the items he has received. His father warns him there may not be a bill but there is always a price. A gorgeous exotic car arrives for him and his father storms off, Mateo convincing him to accept the corvette keys. Daniel is enjoying life in the public eye as he goes riding with Noa in his new car.

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