‘The Bachelorette’ Week 6 Recap and Reactions!

From eating frog legs in Houston, knitting lessons in Cleveland, and wholesome moments meeting the men’s families, the sixth week of The Bachelorette was full of moments fans could not get enough of!

In the sixth episode of The Bachelorette Season 20, viewers watched as Charity traveled to the hometowns of her final four men. Getting to explore where they are from and meeting their families for the first time, this episode was full of excitement – but not without some tough conversations. Let’s take a look at what fans are saying about it on Twitter!

Charity and Aaron

The first hometown date of the week was in Houston, Texas, where Charity met Aaron’s family. This date was important for Charity who felt like their relationship started strong but weakened over the last few weeks. Once there she was greeted by his mother, father, brothers, and sister-in-law. Charity and the Bryants enjoyed a spread of frog legs and catfish made by Aaron’s mother. The day went smoothly; Aaron’s family could tell he was smitten by Charity and gave their approval to the couple, with his dad calling her a keeper. In Charity’s one-on-one conversation with Aaron’s mother, she admitted she would not accept a proposal from him right now, not because of his personality, but because she values what a proposal means. In her confessional, she said, “With the time we have, I don’t know if me and Aaron will get there.” Afterward, they took a trip to his high school where they sat on the football field and reflected on how the day went. Aaron told her he is falling in love with her and had one last surprise for her when he whipped out a speaker and played Lauren Alaina, a romantic recreation of their first date.

Charity and Joey

The next stop was Collegeville, Pennsylvania where Charity met Joey’s family. This date did not go as smoothly as Bachelor Nation expected and had its fair share of tense moments. Going into the date, Charity’s plan was that if it went well, she would tell Joey she was falling in love with him Before meeting the family they made a pit stop at the tennis courts where he gave her a lesson. His Uncle Joe surprised the pair and joined in on the tennis lesson, which is where the day took a turn. During the date, Uncle Joe revealed that while he did like Charity he did not feel like Joey was being 100% himself with her. Upon arrival at his family’s house, Charity was met with his mother, father, sisters, brother-in-law, and Uncle Joe once again. The conversations between Charity and Joey’s family went smoothly, they asked her what set him apart from the other men and expressed their fears of him ending up heartbroken. Then it came time for Uncle Joe to talk to Joey about the concerns he mentioned earlier. Joey insisted he was not being fake around Charity, but Uncle Joe was not entirely convinced. He then brought it up to Charity, which left her utterly confused and second-guessing their relationship. By the end of the date, she did not tell Joey she was falling in love with him like she planned, and cried as she left. Joey sensed her discomfort but they did not talk about it before she got in the car. By the end of the day, Joey said he felt the least confident in their relationship he has felt this entire journey.

Charity and Xavier

The third hometown Charity visited was Cleveland, Ohio. The first stop Xavier and Charity made was a knitting class, which we know to be one of his hobbies. The date was super wholesome and full of cute moments that made Charity and Bachelor Nation swoon. A recurring issue in their relationship has been Xavier not being ready for an engagement, but his family put Charity’s fears to rest. She was warmly welcomed by Xavier’s mother, father, and sister. His sister Chelsea told Charity she knows Xavier is ready to find his person, a sentiment that his mother echoed. Xavier confirmed he is falling in love with Charity before they said their goodbyes, which ended the date on a high note.

Charity and Dotun

The final stop was Dotun’s hometown of Fresno, California, and was arguably Bachelor Nation’s favorite date to watch. Initially, there was disappointment in the air as it was revealed Charity would not be meeting Dotun’s parents, who were in Nigeria. Regardless, Dotun’s sisters, brothers, and grandmother greeted Charity with warmth and excitement. His grandmother, Temitayo, who was a crowd pleaser amongst viewers, even said she felt they were “bonded from Heaven.” Right as they sat down for dinner they were met with a surprise. Dotun’s parents showed up and the excitement was clearly visible on both Charity and Dotun’s faces. His mother brought gifts back from Nigeria for Charity, including jewelry and a dress, and even mentioned throwing them a Nigerian wedding. The rest of the family embraced Charity and clearly approved of their relationship. The already perfect day didn’t end there. Dotun surprised Charity by taking her to a drive-in theater, something her parents used to do together which made it all the more special. As a part of the romantic gesture, Dotun put together a video of their baby pictures and photos of their journey together, which brought Charity to happy tears. By the end, Dotun said that “an engagement has never felt more real than it does right now.”

The Rose Ceremony

Charity traveled back to Los Angeles where she expressed her anxiety over the decision of sending one of the men home. Charity revealed that she is falling in love with all four men and that no matter what, two people were going to be heartbroken tonight – herself and whoever did not receive a rose. As Joey arrived he told Jesse that he is in love with Charity and wished he told her on their date. Charity was visibly upset throughout the ceremony, and viewers were not sure what her decision would be. In the end, Charity sent Aaron home, leaving Dotun, Xavier, and Joey on their journey to find love as they head into the overnight dates next week.

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