Taylor Swift Dropped a Bonus Song & Secrets This Week!

Taylor Swift releases a bonus track that Jack Antonoff co-produced and reveals new “Cardigan” secrets!

It’s been yet another big week for Taylor Swift! The country-turned-pop singer, who recently broke the record for most Billboard Hot 100 entries at 113, released the deluxe edition of her album across streaming platforms this week, AND dropped the footnotes for her jaw-dropping directorial debut music video for the chart-topping single off Folklore, “Cardigan.”

The deluxe album contains the bonus song, “The Lakes” which details Swift escaping to England’s scenic lake district to hide away from paparazzi and haters. The Jack Antonoff co-produced track has a romantic, poetic vibe with many covert references to famous 19th century writers. Check it out below!

Swift coupled this latest song release with the footnotes for the first track released off of Folklore’s “Cardigan” music video!

The singer enlightens fans in the video by pointing out easter eggs such as how the clock hands are at 1 and 3 as Swift steps into the magical piano portal-13 is Taylor’s lucky number and in the past she was frequently seen performing with it scrawled on her hands or arms.

The footnotes video also delves into the filming process, highlighting the immense precautions taken on set to keep everyone safe from Covid-19, including using a crane to film to avoid close-up camera technicians, as well as spraying down the piano keys in between every take, and having Swift style and wear her own clothing.

Swift also divulged the level of secrecy surrounding the video shoot, explaining that she wore an earpiece so as to keep the actual song under wraps. Swift is notorious for her secrecy and intentional mystery around album releases, so her surprise drop of the entire album is completely on brand.

Check out the footnotes for the Cardigan music video below!

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