Survivor: Philippines S:25 | Gouge My Eyes E:13 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Survivor: Philippines edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Survivor. In this episode, host Justin Walter breaks down the episode in which Abi-Maria continued her bluff about having another Hidden Immunity Idol and talked to Lisa about voting out Denise. At the Reward Challenge, Michael took the win and selected Malcolm and Lisa to accompany him on the reward. While on the reward, Malcolm proposed to Lisa and Michael that they go to the final three together. The two agreed, though Lisa kept her options open about making a different alliance. On the morning of day 36, Denise woke up with severe pain on the left side of her neck which she surmised was from a bite. However, she managed to work through the pain to be competitive in the Immunity Challenge. Despite being the only one to fall off the rope ladder stage of the Immunity Challenge, Malcolm came from far behind during the puzzle assembly stage to take his second Individual Immunity in a row. Back at camp, Abi-Maria talked to Michael about voting out Denise. Afterwards, Michael and Lisa discussed their options of keeping Abi-Maria in the game. Lisa wanted to take Abi-Maria to the final three as she figured that Abi-Maria would not win, but Lisa also wanted to keep Denise around so that the remaining three would have a chance at beating Malcolm in the final Immunity Challenge. At Tribal Council, Abi-Maria continued to pitch to Lisa and Michael that she was their best hope to take to the final three as she couldn’t win. But when the vote came, Michael and Lisa stuck to their alliance with Denise and Malcolm and Abi-Maria was sent to the jury by a vote of 4–1. There to help Justin is co-host Survivor One World’s Christina Cha. It’s Survivor: Philippines’ “Gouge My Eyes” podcast!

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