Summer Plans Inspired By ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’!

We’re taking inspiration from The Summer I Turned Pretty to give you ideas for your summer plans!

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a hit sensation, taking the coming of age genre to greater heights than ever before, filled with funny, titillating, and often embarrassing moments that will make you relive those summer nights of high school bliss. This summer, tune in to season 2 on Amazon Prime and make sure you’ve got your beverage of choice and a hearty snack for this wild summer ride. This year, we are taking inspiration from Belly and the gang for some great memories with the squad during the warm summer days, or take some quality time with your boo during those chilly summer nights!

Beach Volleyball Tournament

Grab your best buds and head on out to the beach for a game of volleyball! Make sure you pick your teammates wisely and don’t forget to have fun! Not everything has to be a competition (unless you’re Jeremiah).

**Bonus points if you do it as a fundraiser for charity, ya good samaritan, you.


Bonfire by the water

Grab yourself a bonfire permit and have yourself a good old time roasting marshmallows and chilling by the cozy campfire with your best buds or your secret crush.

**Bonus points if you manage to snag your boo’s hoodie for the night and make sure to save it as a cherished keepsake for the cold nights ahead!


Getting Boozy With it for Fourth of July

I know we all watched the Fourth of July scenes with major booze envy for Laurel’s famous margaritas. Make sure you’ve got your blender handy for a hot summer’s day treat!

**Bonus points if you overshare to your crush after having a few too many–bestie, we’ve all been there!


TSITP Cotillion Theme Party

Meaning to play dress-up but haven’t found the occasion to wear that dress that’s been stuck in your closet for ages? Now’s your chance to be the “Belly” of the ball!

What you’ll need:
-a slammin’ dress or suit
-white gloves
-a crown if you’re feeling fancy
-corsages and/or flower bouquets
-an insta-worthy set up for all of your festivities to come to life! Post or it didn’t happen
-a Polaroid camera for some instant gratification or if you’re feeling nostalgic

**Bonus points if you can get your squad set up for some slow dancing or a spotlight to bust a hot move. Set up your friends and be open to meeting someone new. This summer, it’s all up to you!


Sexy Fun Times in the Pool

At last, you’ve ended the long day and are perhaps looking for some chill time by the pool. But why do it alone? If you’re lucky, you can get your crush to swing by and have a late-night rendezvous in the water. Put on your best swimwear and be sure to make a splash upon entrance! You’re only 16 once, you know!

Grab some towels to cuddle up when you’re done.

**Bonus points if you throw your crush in the pool. Take a shot for every time you’re the one being thrown in!


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