Spanglish Collabs You Have To Listen to!

From Cardi B and Selena Gomez to Bad Bunny here is a list of Spanglish songs that have to be in your playlist!

Spanglish songs have been around for a long time, but recently they have grown in popularity. Artists like Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull have introduced the world to Spanglish music; that is, songs that are both in Spanish and English.

In the 2000’s, it was relatively uncommon to consistently hear Spanglish hits. However, the past years have been a turning point for this type of music.

Here is a list of 7 Spanglish classics that have to be in your playlist:

I Like it- Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin

“I Like It” is a Spanglish masterpiece. The song combines an underlying salsa rhythm with a modern rap beat.

La Fama- Rosalía ft. The Weekend

“La Fama” is a recent release from Rosalía and The Weekend. It stands out because of its bachata beat as well as The Weekend singing completely in Spanish!

Un Día (One Day) – J Balvin, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny, Tainy

“Un Día” is one of those songs that takes you to your happy place. Dua Lipa sings most of the chorus, while Bad Bunny and J Balvin rap in Spanish.

Promise- Romeo Santos ft. Usher

“Promise” is a throwback to 2011. A decade later the song is still one of the best Spanglish songs out there.

Taki Taki- DJ Snake ft. Selena Gomez, Cardi B, Ozuna

“Taki Taki” is one of those songs that just has a really contagious rhythm. This 2018 collaboration features Cardi B and Selena Gomez with Puerto Rican singer Ozuna.

Nostálgico- Rvssian, Rauw Alejandro & Chris Brown

Nostálgico by Rauw Alejandro and Chris Brown was released in 2021. The blend of Rauw Alejandro and Chris Brown’s voice with the reggaeton beat makes this song stand out from the rest.

Despacito Remix- Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Justin Bieber

Everybody has heard the song “Despacito” at least once in their lifetime. Even though most people already know of it, the Spanglish remix with Justin Bieber was record breaking. Undoubtedly, it is a Spanglish classic.

The fusion of latinx beats with Spanglish lyrics brings two different cultures together. Whether you know what you’re singing or not, Spanglish music is made for everyone. Not only do Spanglish songs give us amazing songs to hear on repeat, but ultimately it brings people together.

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