Social Media Reacts: ‘Driving Home 2 U!’

Olivia Rodrigo’s documentary, Driving Home 2 U was released on Disney+ on Friday. Her concert style film left fans speechless and ecstatic with new renditions of her songs and the story behind the Sour album. Let’s see how social media reacted to the release. 

Twitter was off the charts talking about Olivia Rodrigo’s new hits. Jacob Collier, who appeared in the film, gave Olivia a special shoutout.

TikTok users were loving the new sounds from the film.

@rossmcg this makes me more excited for the tour🥰 #oliviarodrigo #drivinghome2u #sour #swifttok ♬ original sound – ross

@xhsmtmtsx ‘cause baby is still you to me’ put me in a grave #hsmtmts #oliviarodrigo #drivinghome2u ♬ original sound – gray

@ilovedrivinghome2u i😭sobbed😭so😭much😭 #drivinghome2u #drivinghome2umerch #oliviarodrigo #dh2u #hopeurok #hopeuroklive #hopeurokdh2u @livies_hq @livbedumb ♬ original sound – Ricky & Lesly

This documentary was another hit among fans and for good reason. The storytelling and the music was breathtaking. Check out Driving Home 2 U streaming on Disney+ now!

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