Snowpiercer S1 E7 Recap & After Show: Melanie and Josie Face Off, and Layton Leads the Rebellion

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After the world freezes over, humanity is forced to live in a perpetually moving train circling the globe. Join us on the SNOWPIERCER AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we take a long ride to see how long it takes for humanity to go off the rails. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date. 

On this week’s episode of Barksins, season 1 episode 7, LJ states that we are all selfish, doing things to serve our own purpose. As the rest of the episode unwinds, we see Layton building up the rebellion by going to speed to Miss Audrey in third class. Miles has been promoted to engineer, and Bennett goes to grab him from his class. Miles is given an orange as a gift, and this causes him to throw up. In the sick bay, Dr. Peyton helps Josie talk to Miles, and Josie lets Miles know that the revolution is still happening.
Melanie pays Zara a visit, and tells Zara that she knows she’s pregnant. After threatening her baby, Zara ends up ratting out Josie. Melanie takes Josie to holding… where she ends up interrogating her and freezing one of her fingers before taking a hammer to it. Though Til tries to help, Josie recognizes there is only so much that can be done. When Melanie returns, Josie has frozen off her entire hand (with presumably the help of Til), and Melanie and Josie face off in a fight. Unfortunately for Josie, Melanie ends up getting the upper hand and locks her in the interrogation room– where the freeze is spraying in and ends up most likely killing Josie.
At the end of the episode, Melanie shows Miles to the engineer room– and she answers the question posed in the beginning of the episode (about people being selfish) by stating that she does things for the good of the train, and not for her own happiness.
Hosts: Rachel Goodman and Trina Dong

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