Six Of Our Favorite Taylor Swift Exclusives & Re-Recordings!

We have highlights culled from Taylor’s expansive library of new and improved songs alongside bonus tracks, perfect for longtime Swifties and newbies alike!

Whether you’re a fan of Taylor Swift or not, you can’t deny that she has an impressive knack for turning her songs into new (and very much improved) anthems! On top of that, her subtly-released bonus tracks are often better than her top-ten hits. She has become an icon even with songs outside of her main catalog. Here are six of our favorites!

Snow On the Beach (feat. More Lana Del Rey)

This just-released collaboration takes the problem many Swifties had with the original on Midnights – a lack of Honeymoon herself – and fixes it with a full verse by LDR. The result is perfection, to our ears.

All Too Well (10-Minute Version)

Only T-Swift could upend Don McLean’s “American Pie” as the longest hit single ever to top the charts, with this greatly-extended rendition of a fan favorite. The track makes those 600 seconds fly by, with Swift’s storytelling powers in full force throughout.


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The Last Time (Taylor’s Version)

While the original featured a commendable drumming performance from the legendary Bill Rieflin, Taylor somehow upped the ante on this re-recorded version, highlighting Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol’s contributions even more. An underrated gem is given a new polish – what’s better than that? Check out the top comments on the lyric video; many fans are begging for this one not to stay underrated. Consider this doing our part in making sure that isn’t the case.

Nothing New (Taylor’s Version) (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)

Swift enlisted alt-pop phenomenon Phoebe Bridgers for this track – which she wrote at the age of 22 but didn’t put on the first release of Red. It was the right call to wait – the pair made for an exceptional collaboration. As this Twitter user so eloquently describes:

You’re Losing Me

It seems unthinkable that the world’s biggest name in pop would release a song and not make it available on streaming – yet Swift has done just that. The hype has reached a fever pitch, and for good reason; this track makes many on Midnights look, well, mid by comparison. It’s a shimmering display of heartbreak, the likes of which only Taylor could pull off.

The Lakes

We would be remiss not to include a track from Swift’s modern-day classic folklore. With lyrics referencing the enchanting Windermere Lake in England, and an orchestral version released as a promotional single, it’s Swift at her most magical. When rolled out as a surprise song on her current touring cycle, it’s clear that nothing else comes close.

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