Selling Sunset S2 E1 – E4 Recap & After Show: New Agents + New Clients = More Hollywood Real Estate Games!

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Real Estate in Los Angeles can be cut throat and competitive, and Selling sunset shows us how much that statement is true. Join the SELLING SUNSET AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW as we break down the episodes, the drama, and even talk with the cast members! Subscribe and comment to stay in the know!
S02Ep01: Celebrations go down for the Oppenheim Group at the $44 million home in the Hills. Amidst the fun Christine brings her new beau, who was also her client, and we learn of Heather’s new romance with another real estate agent celebrity. Chrishelle continues to hustle the real estate game and hands over the newbie title of the group to Amanza.
S02Ep02: Chrishelle and Christine still have personal rifts against each other. Brett brings forth his opinion of Heather’s relationship status and her work performance. While Davina becomes ambitious with an $80 million home listing against Jason’s will.
S02Ep03: Romain firmly stands his ground about not inviting Davina to his wedding. Christine drops the news to Davina before Mary has a chance to, and Mary’s original wedding venue in Malibu is cancelled.
S02Ep04: Struggles of an agent’s life are seen through Amanza’s showing preparations. Jason crashes Mary’s showing with another client. Christine invites Chrishelle to her engagement party, but Chrishelle politely declines her attendance. At the engagement party Davina has a frank conversation with Romain that doesn’t go down well.
Hosted by Haley J and Yasmine Tanres

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