Scriptwriter Spotlight: Loren Bouchard of ‘Bob’s Burgers’

In honor of Loren Bouchard’s amazing animation writing career, we’re shining a spotlight on him!

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If you’re a fan of the massively popular animated series Bob’s Burgers, then you may already be familiar with writer and producer, Loren Bouchard.

Bouchard is the mastermind behind the Fox animated series and has helped shape the network into a modern-day hub for comedy animation. However, Bob’s Burgers has recently entered its 11th season which meant it was time for Bouchard to create his next animated series.

He has taken this challenge head-on with his latest animated sitcom, Central Park, releasing this past May. While this series actually lives on Apple TV+ rather than Fox, fans were still ecstatic.

Similar to Bob’s Burgers, which followed a family in New Jersey running a burger joint and navigating life, Central Park follows a family living in New York City. The main character, Owen Tillerman, must save Central Park from wealthy landowners who want to turn the park into condos. The new series has seen mostly positive feedback from critics and fans resulting in excitement for its second season.

Although the second season of Central Park has yet to name a release date, we’re excited to see what it could have in store!

Fans should also be excited to hear that the Bob’s Burgers family will be starring in their own feature film! Directed by Bouchard himself, the film is tentatively set to release in 2021. This film is sure to be excellent and something to look forward to!

Bouchard clearly has a knack for making hilarious animated families. The Belcher’s of Bob’s Burgers and The Tillerman’s of Central Park are the types of family dynamics we love to watch.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, we suggest checking out Bouchard’s shows!

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