Queen Naija Songs You Need To Listen To

The top 3 Queen Naija songs that you MUST listen to before attending her #butterflytour!

Imani Williams

AfterBuzz TV Host & Writer
Posted On: September 25th, 2021 4:38 pm pst

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songs you must listen to

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We all have one artist that we have seen evolve and are rooting for! For me, that artist is Queen Naija.

Her music speaks to my soul, and I have to say that she is a beautiful person inside and out.

Let me give you some background information on my girl Queen!

I and many others first discovered her on Youtube, where she shared a channel with her now ex-boyfriend. They began to attract a lot of attention due to their music, pranks, and adorable son CJ.

Her Youtube fans saw the raw and uncut moments of her relationship and witnessed the ups and downs! Queen was not afraid to share her trials and tribulations with her fans, so she let us in when they split.

She made it clear that it wasn’t easy, but she had to keep going for her and her son. She continued with Youtube and made her first hit single, Medicine.

So, In honor of Queen Naija herself, plus her releasing her #butterflytour dates, let me tell you the top 3 songs you HAVE to listen to.

Song #1: Medicine

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There’s a saying that states, “everything happens for a reason,” and after she went through this breakup and made this hit single, I am sure she understood why.

Queen’s breakup allowed her to make a song that will go down in history!

Medicine is relatable for girls (and guys) who are in toxic relationships and found themselves in the end.

She expresses in the song the actions of her previous boyfriend and how she became fed up due to his cheating. The overall message is ‘What if I did everything that you did to me, to you?’

This song is extremely powerful because it gives people confidence and allows them to be vulnerable in their situations.

She let it be known that it is okay to be hurt, but the joke is on you (for losing someone like her).

“Give you a taste of your own medicine!”

Song #2: Butterflies

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Not only did Queen make a hit single, but she found a new love. We see her glowing as she is in a new relationship with her boyfriend, Clarence White. After all, she has been through; she never gave up on love.

‘Butterflies’ is a beautiful song that is dedicated to her boyfriend. She expresses how he has come into her life and made it better and how he has knocked down the walls that she has built.

“I’m trying to protect my heart, but you’re making it so hard, and I guess it’s safe to say you take my pain away.”

I’m in awe every time I hear this song! It makes me believe that true love is real, plus you HAVE to know this song if you plan on going to her butterfly tour!

Song #3: Mamas Hand

Queen does make many loves songs, but she also has a deeper love for her two sons, and if you know her, you’d know that her boys are her world.

Mamas Hand is a song dedicated to her eldest son CJ (her youngest son Legend was not born when it was released).

CJ has been through a lot with Queen as she tried to figure out her life as a young mom. The song is so beautiful and touching because she assures him that the world is his and that there is nothing she would not do for him.

This song became extremely popular as moms across the country posted themselves and their children to it.

Although I do not have any children, you can just hear the love and passion in her voice.

Queen is a highly talented R&B singer who is going to take over the industry! You can see more of her on her personal Youtube channel, family channel, and social media accounts.

I hope to see you at her #butterflytour!

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