Predictions of Season 8 Bachelor In Paradise Couples!

As the beach is coming to a close, viewers have been eagerly waiting to see who will be engaged, leave in a relationship, or break things off before leaving paradise. With the finale just one week away, see below the predictions on the couples of Bachelor In Paradise!

At the start of Monday night’s episode, Jesse Palmer made it clear in his voiceover that this was going to be “an emotional week of Bachelor in Paradise” and he was absolutely right. Down at the beach; Bachelor Nation was in for a rude awakening as viewers watched three new women come to pursue the men with two relationships ending before next week’s finale. The only question left now is who will leave the beach hand in hand? Scroll down to see the predictions of the couple’s fates for next week’s conclusion on Bachelor In Paradise!

Genevieve & Aaron

Genevieve and Aaron have had one hell of a rollercoaster ride when it comes to being in paradise. The two have fought on and off again to the point where Genevieve has backed her bags not once… but TWICE. On last night’s episode of paradise, the couple got into one of their most ridiculous fights yet with Aaron claiming that pain and itching are the same things while Genevieve thought they were different. Not only did Wells and the other couples chat on how this may have been the dumbest fight in Bachler Nation history, but so did the show’s crew where one boom operator made a cameo.

Fans have compared the couple to that of Sam and Ronnie from Jersey Shore and those familiar with the MTV series know how that turned out for the guido duo.

Although Aaron and Genevieve may argue over the smallest things, they always make up and come back to one another more in love than ever. According to Reality Steve, the on-and-off-again couple broke up during the finale of paradise before entering the fantasy suites. Even though it is not confirmed yet… make sure to tune in next week to see how this relationship will unfold!

Johnny & Victoria

Johnny and Victoria have been solid since the first day of paradise. The two have grown closer to one another every day with Victoria saying she can see Johnny being her person forever. Although Bachelor Nation continues to watch their love blossom on the beach, viewers know around the world that this couple is currently no longer together.

According to Reality Steve, Johnny and Victoria leave the beach happily engaged. Although the two left engaged, Bachelor Nation blew up when Victoria and Greg from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette were spotted together in Rome. As speculation continued to grow, Nick Viall posted a TikTok of Victoria and Greg joining himself and other Bachelor couples for an at-home game night. The two were snuggled up right next to one another.

@nickviallGame night had all the drama♬ son original – eliasddx

Since we all know that Johnny and Victoria are no longer engaged, stay tuned to hear all the drama as to why the two have called it quits next week!

Florence & Justin

Mara came into paradise to try and shake things up for the couple by inviting Justin on a hot date where they became human-like churros! After their date, Justin ignored Florence’s existence until the next morning. Although she began to pack her bags, Justin stopped her and pulled her aside for a conversation.

The 24-year-old made it clear that he would rather pursue his connection with her than Mara. Although they may not be the strongest couple in paradise, the two do have a spark. Reality Steve did not have this couple on his list of spoilers for the finale of paradise. We can only assume that the two break up during the rose ceremony and before the fantasy suites.

Shanae & Joey

Shanae and Joey have also been one of those couples who have not had a lot of screen time. On last night’s episode, viewers were able to tune in on the couple discussing what life would be like after the beach. Although there tends to be an age gap when it comes to Shanae and Joey that doesn’t matter.

Bachelor Nation has yet to really see their progression which was even emphasized by Joey over on Twitter. According to Reality Steve, Shanae and Joey was not listed as one of the main couples along with his twin brother. We can all assume that the couple will be in the same place as Florence and Justin with one of the partner’s saying no during the rose ceremony and leaving paradise.

Serene & Brandon

Brandon and Serene have been the number one couple on everyone’s mind since the beginning of their journey in the first episode. Brandon has made it apparent on this week’s episodes that he will be getting down on one knee and even asked his partner, “are you ready to be engaged”.

According to Reality Steve, Brandon and Serene left paradise engaged and are still together today! Throughout the show’s progression, Brandon and Serene have proven to all that you can find love in this drama-filled beach. You’ll have to tune into next week’s finale and have your tissues ready to see their love story progress with Brandon getting down on one knee!

Danielle & Michael

Danielle and Michael have built a love story that is unique in its own way. The two began as friends before coming onto the beach and have since then grown into something more. The two also face similar backgrounds when it comes to losing their significant others in devastating ways. During the nineties bash on last night’s episode of paradise, Danielle made it known to Michael that she thought they were really good for each other Michael responding he feels that they were meant to meet for a purpose.

Throughout last night’s episode, it became apparent that they were not ready to say I love you and even yet get down on one knee. Although the beach has been glamorous, the two do have their lives back at home along with Michael thinking about his son. According to Reality Steve, Michael and Danielle decide to leave paradise together as a couple. The two were also spotted together at Wells Adams wedding back in August.

Although that was back in August, tune into next week’s finale and reunion to see if these two are still more in love than ever!

Brittany & Tyler

During this week’s episodes in paradise, Tyler and Brittany made it clear to one another that they wanted to leave the beach together as a couple. The two were able to have their first date on the series by having a romantic dinner and discussing what life would be like after the beach, along with Brittany’s conversation that she had of Tyler with former bachelorettes Gabby and Rachel.

According to Reality Steve, Brittany and Tyler do leave paradise together as a couple but have since broken things off. As to why this has happened? Bachelor nation will have to tune into next week’s reunion to learn what on earth fizzled their spark after the beach.

Kate & Logan

Kate and Logan have been on the rocks for weeks when it comes to paradise. Fans have taken to social media to even defend Logan which no one thought would be possible after the way he treated Rachel and Gabby on the last season of The Bachelorette. During this week’s episodes, Kate has made it clear that her fear is the couple being at two different positions in their lives and Logan not having a sustainable income. Logan was put to the test yet again this week by newcomer Lindsay who invited him out on a date. To prove his loyalty to Kate, he declined Lindsay’s offer and she went home.

When Gabby and Rachel made an appearance on the beach, Kate pulled the two aside to talk about Logan’s behavior. Rachel made it known that she did not respect him, with Gabby chiming in that he bounced from girl to girl. Although the two have had their obstacles, at the end of last night’s episode the two were better than ever. According to Reality Steve, Kate and Logan break up during the finale. Even though Bachelor Nation may be upset with another relationship not working out in paradise, this might be the one where viewers are cheering from their homes.

Make sure to come prepared next week to witness the fates of these relationships left in paradise. If you thought that these were the only answers you needed to receive, stay tuned for the two-night event as old faces make a comeback and all of the dirty laundry gets aired out live!

Let us know @AfterBuzzTV on Twitter which couples you hope make it to the end. Bachelor In Paradise’s two-part finale airs this coming Monday and Tuesday on ABC streaming the next day on Hulu.

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