Possible Ways Cardi B Could Be On Season 4 Of ‘You’

Is it possible that Cardi B and Penn Badgley’s recent Twitter conversation sparked the talk of having her in season 4 of You? Here are some possible ways the rapper could show up! 

Rapper Cardi B recently went off on Twitter after seeing a resurfaced clip of Penn Badgley talking about her and tweeted, “ HE KNOWS ME!!! OMMMGGGG!!!!!! Yooo like I’m famous famous,” she wrote in response to the clip.


Badgley then responded with, “I-” as he was shocked himself and changed his Twitter profile picture to Cardi B herself. Cardi B later on also changed her profile picture to Badgley himself and we’re now really thinking about whether or not she might actually be in the future season of the show. Let’s dive into some possible roles that she might and could show up in for season 4 of You.

Joe Attends a Cardi B Concert In Paris

In the chase to stalk his new love interest, Joe makes the effort to follow them to a Cardi B concert where he finds himself surrounded by hundreds of Cardi B fans in Paris. She ends up being the talk of the town and the idol of the women he is obsessed with. So he often listens to Cardi B in order to get closer and understand what this new love interest is like. He then meets this woman at the concert and decides that this was the best time to get to know her as she is having the time of her life.

Cardi B’s Daughter Kulture Loves Going to Joe’s Local Bookstore

Cardi B’s daughter Kulture is coincidentally in love with reading, and every time she goes to Paris, she goes to her favorite bookstore that coincidentally is the local bookstore that Joe currently works at. Joe one day sees Cardi B walk in and starts to strike a conversation about his interest in her work. They go on to discuss Kulture’s lovely taste in books and how she is smart for her age.

Joe See’s Cardi B Shopping In Paris

After an afternoon of stalking his love interest, he accidentally stumbles upon Cardi B shopping and saves her from a flash mob of paparazzi. Cardi B is super grateful and ends up giving him tickets to her concert she was hosting in Paris which coincidentally led him to find the new love interest he was following. Joe thought that this was a huge sign that it was fate that brought him to find her and uses this as an opportunity to get to know her.

Cardi B Shows Up To A Party

The new “you” in season four is a Paris socialite and is constantly involved in massive events and parties. One night while working as a valet at a super prestigious hotel in Paris, Cardi B shows up to one o the events. Since he knew that his love interest was a huge fan of hers, he finds the courage to go up to Cardi B and ask for an autograph. She was super nice and signed his valet card which he planned on giving to the new women as a surprise.

Cardi B Requests For A Classic French Book To Be Revamped

We all know that Joe Goldberg is a pro at fixing and revamping classic books. In his new bookstore, he is currently working in Paris, they get a special phone request that Cardi B was coming to Paris and is looking for a limited edition book that is only in that bookstore and needs some revamping. Joe takes this chance to fix up the book before Cardi B arrives in Paris to pick it up and they get to meet in person at the bookstore.

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