Our Favorite Adele Moments in Honor of Her Birthday!

It’s a big day for the “Easy On Me” singer, and we wouldn’t want to be doing anything other than celebrating Adele! 

Rumor has it that the singer, songwriter, and 15 time GRAMMY winner, Adele, is turning 34 today! For over a decade, our favorite British gal has given the world a plethora of heartbreak anthems, soulful songs, and many laughs. Her hard work mixed with her natural ability to turn emotion into lyrics has led Adele to break several records in the music world. Her first song alone “Chasing Pavements” made the Billboard Hot 100, but her real breakthrough came when “Rolling in The Deep” climbed to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She even made history by releasing a hit single that gained over 1 million downloads in a week after dropping “Hello.” Her songs like“Rolling in the Deep” and “Someone Like You” have resonated so deeply with several generations, and ever since listening to her original albums, the world was hooked on Adele. In honor of the queen’s day, we’re giving you some of our favorite Adele moments!

The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Adele did a lot more than just perform at the 2017 GRAMMYs. She sang a tribute to George Michaels, won song of the year, and took home 4 more major awards. This moment will go down in pop culture history. As if one emotional performance wasn’t enough, Adele also performed “Hello,” absolutely mesmerizing the crowd.

“Easy On Me” Music Video

When Adele released the hit song “Easy On Me,” fans around the world couldn’t get enough of the insane vocals and hard hitting lyrics that Adele writes so well. Her visual aesthetics are always perfect, and this song was no exception. The moment Adele reaches that powerful note going into the chorus, the music video morphs from black and white to full color. An iconic move, we love seeing Adele’s creative side!


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Reuniting With Her Elementary School Teacher

While performing for her dream show, An Audience With…, Adele reminisced over her English teacher who taught Adele when she was a child. Adele spoke highly of how her teacher supported her and how she had never seen her again. However what the artist didn’t know was that her teacher Ms. McDonald was in the audience ready to surprise her. Adele broke into tears as she embraced her childhood mentor. This heartwarming moment represents everything Adele stands for.

When She Was Honest About Her Pain

Using her platform to help and heal others, Adele has always been honest with her fans about her personal struggles through her music. In this interview with Oprah, Adele speaks candidly about the hurt many people who experience divorce face. Adele talks about the real feelings that come with this deep pain. Oprah said that through this interview, Adele would help relieve other men and women who are unhappy in their marriages. Continuing to be transparent with her fans and the world, Adele uses her platform to relate to the struggles in relationships that everyone faces.


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Giving Her Fans Teasers Over Social Media

Everyone knows Adele excels at getting her fans excited whenever she’s going to drop a song, or in this case an album next. Before releasing her album 30 Adele posted a video of herself singing “To Be Loved.” To say viewers loved the song is an understatement. Now at 5.8 million views, this teaser made people fall even more in love with Adele. The comment section gushes with admiration for the singer while begging her to release the entire album.

Adele on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Adele not being able to keep a straight face in Fallon’s iconic “Box of Lies” game makes us love her even more! Adele and Fallon are such a dream team together. We can’t get enough of Adele’s laugh when Fallon calls her out! We love when Adele shows the goofy side of her personality.

Adele on British Vogue Doing a Taste Test of Classic British Dishes

We love how much Adele loves her home and culture. In this hilarious video with Vogue, Adele tried several classic British dishes while blindfolded. In her very own “Adele Cafe” the singer revealed many facts about herself like how she learned how to cook by herself when she was on her own at 18 years old. Adele and delicious food, what would be better than this moment!

These Adele moments are priceless, and we are positive that there are many more to come! We are so excited to see how the icon decides to celebrate her special day, and we’ll definitely be listening strictly to Adele albums the entire day!

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