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When going through a breakup, listening to music is key, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right songs. So we’ve compiled for you the best playlist to listen to following a hard breakup

I’m sure we have all been heartbroken before, and if you haven’t, lucky you, because it is something that I wouldn’t wish on anyone!

You’re isolated in your room, trying to hold back the tears. One day you may feel up, the next, you’re down, and that‘s okay because it is a process.

Music is something that gets me through my daily life, and there are songs that relate to almost every situation you find yourself in. Here’s an empowering playlist that will get you through a rough breakup:

“thank u, next” x Ariana Grande

We all should know this gem that Ariana blessed us with, but the title most definitely speaks for itself. Reclaim your power, appreciate what you learned from that person, and don’t look back.

“Good Days” x SZA

This song has got me through extremely rough times! Just remember that although you may feel like things won’t get better, they will! Good Days are ahead, and rough times do not last forever.

“I’m Her” x Queen Naija ft. Kiana Lede

The perfect song that makes you feel sexy and confident! Whenever you aren’t feeling your best, blast this song, and I promise you will feel like “her.” Although this is not your typical break-up song, the lyrics are extremely powerful and reassuring.

“Something Real” x Summer Walker, London Da Track, & Chris Brown

After experiencing one heartbreak, you never want to experience it EVER again! It hurts. This song reminds you to LEVEL up! Find someone who makes you feel worthy and beautiful. Summer encourages us to find someone who is authentic.

“Let it Go” x Summer Walker

This song may have you reminiscing just a little bit, but it will make you realize every detail that you were missing from the beginning. Sometimes love can be blind, and we will tolerate certain behaviors because of how much we love the other person.

Let it go.

“We Are Never Getting Back Together” x Taylor Swift

This is that one song you blast in the car while you are driving with your windows down! The lyrics speak for themselves! You can talk to your friends, and I’ll talk to mine, but we are NEVER EVER EVER …. Getting back together!

“Irreplaceable” x Beyonce

Queen Bee will always make us feel like the Divas we are! Just know that you are not irreplaceable, and NO ONE can be you! Remind that person that you can replace them in a split second. Wipe your tears and kick their a** out!

“Love Yourself” x Justin Bieber

After listening to this song, you’ll come to the conclusion that you weren’t the problem, but they were! Being in controlling relationships can become very toxic! Sometimes you have to walk away and allow that person to love themselves while you love you.

“Best Thing I Never Had” x Beyonce

Frequently we dodge bullets, and we don’t even know. Remember that everything happens for a reason, and not everyone you may date is the best for you. This song gives reassurance that all that glitters is not gold.

“Way 2 Sexy” x Drake ft. Future & Young Thug

Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you’re just way too sexy for the bs! This song is a great one to play if you are feeling down, even the slightest bit! I promise you will get up and dance and forgot any type of negative emotions you were feeling.

This collection of songs will be hard to listen to if you’re fresh out of a relationship, but each of these songs will remind you of who you are! We can’t always worry about the things we cannot control. Add these songs to your breakup playlists, and you will feel extremely powerful.

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