Our 7 All Time Favorite Maverick Moments From ‘Top Gun’!

Tom Cruise’s Maverick is iconic, bold, and fearless, and the world can not get enough of him! Here are some of our favorite moments from the character. 

*Spoilers For Top Gun: Maverick Ahead*

Three decades later, and everyone’s favorite naval aviator is still speeding around the sky! Tom Cruise’s character Maverick is a household name that multiple generations love. From the original movie to the sequel, Maverick’s charming ways remain the same, and we can’t get enough from him. In honor of this beloved character, we have our all time favorite Maverick moments for you!

Buzzing The Tower

One of the most iconic lines of the first Top Gun movie is when Maverick asks the tower, “Tower, this is ghost rider requesting a flyby.” After being told no and not following orders, Maverick zips around the tower in his fighter jet, reveling in his win for the day. One of the things we love most about Maverick is his daring side. It’s so compelling!

“You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling”

Who wouldn’t want a man serenading you with the song “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling.” With the rest of his boys backing him up, Maverick tries his best to win over the beautiful woman at the bar, Charlie. Performing for her gets Maverick an introduction with his love interest in the movie. That’s a power move if we’ve ever seen one!

Maverick and Iceman Return From Their Mission

After battling for first place in the Top Gun academy, Maverick and his rival Iceman work together to save the day. The heartwarming moment the two share at the end of the first movie will forever be remembered. As the other pilots rush the planes, Maverick and Iceman embrace, proving that friendships are more important than one’s ego and that teamwork is truly one of the most important parts of life.

Maverick Visits Iceman

It’s touching to know that after all those years Iceman and Maverick still have each other’s backs. In the sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, he visits his long time friend when Iceman is sick. This moment between the two shows how special and sincere their friendship grew to become.

Saving Rooster’s Life

After just barely making it out to open skies, Maverick and Rooster are surrounded by enemy fighter jets. Making quick decisions as he often does, Maverick directs Rooster on how to survive then puts himself in harm’s way in order to save his late bestfriend’s son.

Great Balls of Fire

Something about musical numbers in these movies is so perfect. Mixing the intense action with light, amusing songs is one of the parts we love most about the franchise. Arguably the most iconic song, “Great Balls of Fire” is sung by Goose and Maverick at the local bar. The two take turns taking the lead and singing for the other customers and their dates. Watching Maverick with young Rooster is so sweet!

Maverick Gets Thrown Out of the Bar

Everyone loves a good sport and someone who’s able to laugh at themselves; that’s one of Maverick’s best qualities. He can take a joke and even take his love interest, Penny, kicking him out of her bar. Watching his future students unknowingly throw their pilot instructor outside is fun for the audience too. Maverick just smiles as he knows he will be seeing them in class tomorrow.

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