Must Watch Biopics of 2023!

From ‘Oppenheimer’ to ‘Blackberry’ we are sharing the 5 must-watch biopics from 2023.

This year Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer has proven that all kinds of films can make the big bucks. Released alongside the ultra-glam Barbie, the Cillian Murphy starrer did wonders at the box office and won fans’ hearts at the same time. Here are some of the must-watch biopics of 2023, to close the year with some inspiration and wisdom.


A movie that didn’t get its due at the box office, Blackberry tells the incredible tale of the rise and tragic collapse of the world’s first smartphone company and how it succumbed to Silicon Valley’s fiercely competitive companies. The movie follows BlackBerry’s mobile phones co-founders Douglas Fregin and Mike Lazaridis, who join hands with investor Jim Balsillie to launch the smartphones and how the company tragically fell to the continuously growing market Lazaridis is portrayed by Jay Baruchel, Balsillie is portrayed by Glenn Howerton, and Fregin is portrayed by Johnson. Their performances were commended by fans and critics alike. The feature has a 98 percent critic score and 94 percent audience score on the Tomatometer.


As mentioned, Oppenheimer has won hearts worldwide and is among the front runners of this year’s awards race. The movie follows Murphy as the titular American theoretical physicist credited with being the “father of the atomic bomb” and examines his role in the Manhattan Project. The actor’s incredible performance is supported by an equally incredible cast including Emily Blunt as Oppenheimer’s wife, Matt Damon as head of the Manhattan Project Leslie Groves, Robert Downey Jr. as U.S. Atomic Energy Commission member Lewis Strauss, and Florence Pugh as Oppenheimer’s lover Jean Tatlock. The movie has a 93 percent critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 91 percent audience score.


Set in the late 1980s Cassandro follows gay wrestler Saúl Armendáriz, who regularly participates in lucha libre wrestling matches as El Topo until he meets a new trainer, Sabrina, who suggests he should compete as an exótico, leading to his new identity and increasing success as Cassandro. The biographical drama casts Gael García Bernal as Saúl Armendáriz aka Cassandro, who has done complete justice to the role. The feature made its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and was highly appreciated by the critics for its direction, visuals, and performances. The movie has a 91 percent critic score and a 76 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

A Million Miles Away

Another movie that became that slipped under the radar this year is A Million Miles Away, which tells the story of a Mexican-American man José M. Hernández, who rose from a farm with an aspiration to become an astronaut. The movie beautifully imbibes the themes of community, perseverance, and sacrifice. Starring Michael Peña in the lead role the movie has an 89 percent critic score and 96 percent audience score on the Tomatometer.


Sofia Coppola’s latest feature based on Priscilla Presley’s memoir takes an intimate look at the couple behind the icons. Starring Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi as Priscilla and Elvis, the movie follows them through several phases of their life and relationship. It’s a story of sacrifice, love, and loss unlike any other. The movie has an 83 percent critic score and 62 percent audience score on the Tomatometer and makes a good watch for fans who want to know more about the iconic couple.

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