Musicians Who Have Written Books!

Musicians have written some of our favorite songs but do you know there that some have gone the avant-garde route in book writing? From high volume to volume one here are some books that were written by your favorite musicians! 

If Drake’s Instagram captions aren’t enough for you, the man has made headlines by releasing a new poetry book, Titles Ruin Everything. It’s eccentric, non-biographical, and oh-so-Drake. He isn’t the first, though – here are a few other musicians that have written some left-of-center texts over the years.

John Lennon: In His Own Write (1964)

A book of silliness (just check out the title) written during the height of Beatlemania. It sort of feels like Lennon seeing what he can do with his fame, but it’s a cool read for any Beatles fan.

Lana Del Rey: Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass (2020)

While Del Rey is already known for eccentric artistic direction and lyrics full of literary levels of esoterica, her 2020 book takes it all up a notch.  The poetic flights of fancy LDR takes is a perfect accompaniment to her boundary-pushing records.

Bob Dylan: Tarantula (1971)

Like the Lennon entry on this list, we see a legendary songwriter veering into poetry and stuff that makes little sense.  That’s not to discredit it, though – it shows another side to the American icon.

Logic: Supermarket (2019)

You may be more familiar with the full-length album Logic put out to soundtrack this novel he wrote.  It may not be one of his most-revered records, but – like any good film – reading the book might elevate it in your eyes (or ears).

David Byrne: Arboretum (2006)

A man that’s fronted the legendary Talking Heads, worked with St. Vincent, and has tirelessly championed bicycle riding is bound to put out an unforgettable book.  This book explodes his mind, and has all sorts of creative detours – there’s never a dull moment in its pages.

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