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For those obsessed with all things crime related, Crime Junkie is the ultimate true crime podcast. Each week, they give you the storytelling of a specific crime with great detail. This podcast, THE CRIME JUNKIE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST is here to help you keep up with your weekly true crime fix! Join us to discuss the episodes of Crime Junkie because we just can’t get enough!

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In this episode of Crime Junkie, the unsolved murder mystery of Lindsay Buziak is explored. Lindsay was a 24 year old Real Estate agent with her whole life ahead of her. She was brutally murdered at one of her house showings and was stabbed over 40 times. With a stable family, large social life, and healthy relationship with her boyfriend, investigators struggled to pinpoint the motive behind the gruesome murder of Lindsay.
  • Today’s Aftershow Was Hosted By: Mckenzie Fayne @mckenziefayne and Haley Catino @haleycatino

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