Meet the Cast of ‘Queen of the Universe!’

The groundbreaking international drag queen singing competition, Queen of the Universe, show premiered on December 2nd. Here is everything you need to know about the show-stopping cast.

Judges Leona Lewis, Michelle Visage, Trixie Mattel, Vanessa Williams, and host Graham Norton join forces in London to showcase the best of the best of drag singing. Although lip-syncing is a crucial part of the drag artform, Queen of the Universe is “looking for the number one drag queen in the world who can serve looks and vocal realness.” Read on to learn about each of this season’s world-class ‘entertainers.’ 


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Queendom: Chicago, USA 

Ms. Chy’enna Valentino is “triple F: fat, flawless, and fucking amazing.” She is a loud, outspoken, and fashionable queen. Valentino came out at just 11 years old and has developed a thick skin as a result. She is prepared to demolish the competition and fittingly sang “Wrecking Ball,” by Miley Cyrus for her first performance. 


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Queendom: Sydney, Australia 

Don’t be scared but, “the glam monster has arrived!” Gingzilla is 35 years old, but her soul is infinite. This bearded, 7-foot, “tyrant of joy” is vulnerable, loving, and, of course, gorgeous. Gingzilla brings uniqueness to an already very unique show. For the first round, Gingzilla performed “Human,” by Rag’n’Bone Man. 


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Queendom: Guangzhou, China 

Who’s Hungry? Because “the buffet is open, eat as much as you’d like.” Woowu chose her name because she likes to make an entrance into every room she enters; who doesn’t love shouting “Woowu?” This queen loves drag because she can live a Hannah Montana-esque lifestyle! Woowu says she can get a bit naughty, and rightfully sang Madonna’s “Material Girl.”  


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Queendom: Paris, France 

Not again… “the French Revolution has started, heads are gonna roll.” This 26-year-old is here to bring us French elegance. She is chic, couture, feminine, and clearly glamorous. Leona’s name, in fact, comes from her love for none other than Queen of the Universe judge, Leona Lewis! Doing her country proud, Ms. Winter performed “Non, je ne regrette rien,” by Édith Piaf.  


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Queendom: Copenhagen, Denmark 

I don’t doubt it, “this Bitschlap is gonna feel so good.” Just like Copenhagen, Bitty is beautiful and expensive; she is a self-proclaimed modern-day female Viking. Bitty hits you like a slap with her rockstar persona. On stage, she sang “Dance Monkey,” by Tones and I.  


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Queendom: New York City, USA 

We are yet to find the queen of the universe, but at least “the empress of the galaxy has landed!” Novaczar is an inspirational queen; after the passing of her mom, Nova realized that life is short, and she must be who she truly is. She proudly identifies as non-binary out of drag and wants to make those who she represents proud. Novaczar came out head-strong with “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman,” by Brittany Spears.  


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Queendom: Canela, Brazil 

“Welcome to the Brazilian fantasy,” we hope you enjoy your stay. Grag Queen is from a small Brazilian town where she always stood out. She even claims to be the sexiest person from Canela, duh! Grag loves being naked, showing off her bod, and dancing in the classic Carnivale style. Although this is her first time singing on stage alone, she proved to be a powerhouse with Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab.” 


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Queendom: San Antonio, USA 

“Decked in red, white, and blue, Ms. Vox is coming for you!” In drag, Ada Vox is the personification of the person she has always wanted to be. Fun fact, Ada has been diagnosed with an infantile epiglottis, meaning, basically, she has baby vocal cords. Ada has turned her condition into stardom; as an ex-American Idol contestant, Ada ran the house to the ground with “At Last,” by Etta James.  


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Queendom: Mumbai, India 

What time is it? “Time for the South Asain invasion!” Rani Ko-He-Nur grew up singing and dancing. In her culture, drag has been around for decades as seen through kings, queens, and even gods! Just being out in India is a political statement, but when she is in drag and singing, she finally feels free. Rani Nama-slayed with the Hindi mashup, “Piya Tu Ab To Aaja/Laila Main Laila” by Asha Bhosle/Shah Rukh Khan.  


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Queendom: Boston, USA 

Miss Jujubee puts “the verse in queen of the universe.” Drag fans may know Jujubee from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 2, and RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars seasons 1 and 5. Jujubee loved singing in the previous shows she’s competed in, and now wants to be known as a fierce pop star. Claiming this title, she embraced the ultimate pop star, Ariana Grande, performing her hit, “Into You.” 


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Queendom: Mexico City, Mexico  

Regina “didn’t ask to be Mexican, [she] just got lucky!” Regina Voce, which translates to queen of the voice, loves her native city! Even though she was the first Mexican singer at circ-du-Soleil, this is Regina’s first performance on a global stage. Regina Voce surprised us all with the beautiful Italian ballad, “Caruso,” by Lucio Dalla. 


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Queendom: Montreal, Canada 

“Saddle up bitches the Canadian cowgirl has arrived,” and she’s ready to neigh all over this global stage. This French-Canadian queen always wanted to be a pop star. She discovered her true self through drag and is drawn to the classic country aesthetics. Matante gagged the judges with her fabulous yodeling, performing “He Taught Me to Yodel,” by Rosalie Allen. 


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Queendom: Atlanta, USA 

Get out of the way and “let a real bitch through.” Miss Aria proudly identifies as a glamazon. She is a pageant queen with a long track record including the title of Ms. Gay Black America. As a result, Aria B Cassidine is used to competing against talented people. She came out with a powerful rendition of Conchita Wurst’s “Rise Like a Phoenix.” 


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Queendom: London, UK 

“Just like the real British queen, [she adores] waving all the other queens goodbye.” As a 41-year-old queen, La Voix has been doing drag for 20 years! She has been through the entertainment industry with TV, film, and more. With a name like La Voix, meaning the voice, she rightfully performed “Mourir Sur Scene (I Was Born to Sing Forever),” by Shirley Bassey. 


Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to eight queens, Jujubee, Bettybitschlap, chy-enne, Woowu, Novaczar, and la Voix. But the judges hinted that one queen may get a second chance! However, eight queens still remain! Tune in each week on Paramount Plus to see who will be crowned Queen of the Universe and win a quarter of a million dollars!  

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