‘MaXXXine’: What You Should Know Before Watching!

Since the release of ‘X’ and ‘Pearl’, fans have been waiting to see the shining star Maxine Minx! Now on July 5th, 2024, she’s back in ‘MaXXXine’, and here’s what you should know before heading to the theaters!


MaXXXine follows the story of Maxine Minx after the events of director Ti West’s previous film X. Now in 1980s Hollywood, the same adult film star and aspiring actress gets her well-deserved debut! As the Night Stalker ravages through Los Angeles, a trail of blood threatens to reveal her sinister past. 

If you watched X and its prequel Pearl, then you know Maxine was born to be a star. She will NOT accept a life that she doesn’t deserve and will do whatever it takes to make it big as she is Maxine f*****g Minx after all! But what will Maxine do when her bloody past finally catches up to her? 


A24 has released two trailers for MaXXXine, both revealing that Maxine’s past still is lurking around every corner. The trailers also reveal the new star-studded cast that will grace our screens in this upcoming release!

Cast & Crew

Mia Goth appears as the sole returning cast member to reprise her role as Maxine Minx. We have seen Goth’s display of talent in the first two movies, where the actress played the roles of both Maxine and Pearl in the filming of both Pearl and X at the same time.

Joining her in this upcoming addition to the trilogy are some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities! Charley Rowan McCain joins as a younger Maxine Miller and her father is played by Simon Prast, the televised priest seen in X. Singer, songwriter Halsey is Tabby Martin, renowned actor Kevin Bacon is John Labat, and Elizabeth Debicki is Elizabeth Bender!

There are so many esteemed supporting actors and with Ti West directing this film, it is hard to imagine how this film could fail! As the trilogy comes to an end in MaXXXine, we just know that horror fans are stoked to see their favorite scream queen on the big screen!

Fan Reactions

From the moment X was released, fans have been dying to see more of Maxine Minx! When A24 revealed that MaXXXine was coming soon, fans were quick to share their excitement online. 

The first MaXXXine trailer dropped on April 8, 2024, which happened to align with the once-in-a-lifetime total solar eclipse over the United States. Fans swarmed to Twitter/X to express their excitement and compare the importance of such events! 

Another MaXXXine hit is the hottest incoming merch announcement! A24 offers a MaXXXine green varsity jacket just like the one Maxine sports in the trailers! Other items such as a Baby Tee, Keychain, and Half Magic Set are all available on the A24 website!

Release Date

MaXXXine is just around the corner releasing July 5th, 2024 in theaters around the globe! Don’t miss out and buy your tickets now to see if Maxine Minx can truly live the life she deserves!

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