Maeve Quinlan Talks New Role In ‘Fit To Kill’ & Hopes For A ‘South Of Nowhere Reboot!’

Maeve Quinlan talks about her intense role in the upcoming thriller Fit To Kill and if she would be interested in being a part of a South Of Nowhere Revival!

Maeve Quinlan is known for portraying many different characters on a variety of projects including South Of Nowhere and 90210 and she will soon be appearing in a new thriller titled Fit To Kill.

The star talked with Benny Adams about her newest film and if she would be open to reprising her role on a South Of Nowhere reboot.

In Fit To Kill, which premieres on May 14th on Lifetime, Quinlan plays a well-known and powerful designer in the fashion industry named Claudia, but not everything is as it seems after a new assistant she hires starts to uncover hidden truths about her boss.


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“It was exciting to be a part of this film because I am playing a character I have never been able to play before. Imagine Devil Wears Prada mixed with a big dose of Mommie Dearest.” Explained Quinian.

Many factors drew Quinlan to play this character, but one of the main reasons was this film allowed Quinlan to step outside of her comfort zone.


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“I’ve spent so many years playing the girl next door or the supportive friend that I actively looked for roles that were very different so I’ve sought out and chosen roles that stretched me as an actor.” Said Quinlan

The director of the film, David Benullo, who worked on many thrillers including A Deadly Lullaby and Hometown Killer was another reason why Quinlan joined the project.

“I’ve worked with David before on a film called Teenage Bank Heist. The director, Doug Campbell, couldn’t direct one day and David came on board… I clicked with him immediately, so once I knew he was attached to this current film I wanted to do it.” Explained Quinlan. “There’s a lot of things about this movie that I’m excited about, it felt great, and we think we made something special.”


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Quinlan continues to have a thriving career appearing in many memorable TV series and films. One show that she still has fond memories about is portraying Paula Carlin on South Of Nowhere.

“Being on South Of Nowhere was very rewarding, I get asked a lot what was my favorite show that I’ve ever been on, and I view everything that I do as my favorite in the period that I’m doing it, but there is nothing that’s ever going to compare to South Of Nowhere for me.” Said Quinlan.

The series ran for 3 seasons and ended in 2008, but the impact that the show had still holds strong with fans to this day, something that Quinian says she is appreciative of.

“One of my favorite parts of being on South Of Nowhere is that we were a family and we still are to this day, but also the fans. When someone comes up to me and hugs me about the show it’s usually a girl who came out or a mom who said thank you I saw in your character what I was being. The show was one of a kind because it was so real and it made a difference and continues to make a difference to this day.” Said Quinlan.

With many iconic shows like Degrassi and The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air getting the reboot or reprisal treatment, one has to ask could South Of Nowhere be the next series to come back?

“I would be open to reprising my role, and I can speak for the cast that we all would. We’ve all been dying to do it and we talk about it all the time. It’s really good to see that Degrassi is coming back and now maybe South Of Nowhere can come back as well” Explained Quinlan. “We’ve talked about what it would look like now if we were to do it, and it would be that Paula and Arthur (Rob Moran) have turned our home into a halfway house and are giving back. The only thing to do now is more noise from the fans.”

Along with acting, Quinlan is also producing several projects including a Christmas film starring Jonathan Silverman and herself, as well as a project about woman empowerment.

Catch the full interview with Maeve Quinlan below!

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