Lying Game S:2 | Bride and Go Seek E:8 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV – Lying Game edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC Family’s Lying Game. In this episode, host Cathy Kelley breaks down the episode in which Theresa doesn’t show up for her wedding. Dan suspects that something had gone terribly wrong, since he doesn’t believe that she would ever just walk away. Mads is weary of Jordan’s intentions because of his tie to Rebecca. Alec and Rebecca are suspecting one another of having to do with Theresa’s disappearance. Dan and Ethan head over to Theresa’s house, only to find that all of her clothes are missing and that her engagement ring was left on a counter. Dan believes that he has been set up and someone had done something to his fiance because she knew too much about the Derek Rogers case. They head to the cemetery and Dan finds what appear to be Theresa’s tracks, as well as a man’s. Alec arrives and the two get into a dispute. Sutton is also worried about Theresa, as they never had their planned meeting the night before. She interrogates Rebecca, who continues to deny every accusation. Sutton isn’t buying any of it as her suspicions about Rebecca are now clear. Dan asks Ethan if he knew about the secret that Alec had told Theresa and although he does know, he can’t tell him. Ethan goes to Emma for permission to tell Dan everything, but she and Thayer shut him out. Meanwhile, Emma wants to confront Ted about her history and whether or not he was really involved with Derek, since she’s trying to prove his innonence for her own sanity. Sutton goes to Emma and tells her the truth about her relationship with Rebecca – how they had met on the night of the lake incident and how the two of them have been leaving Emma out as Rebecca has been pursuing Ted. Reasonably, Emma doesn’t believe her and hides what she knows about Ted from Sutton, who is now confused that Emma’s keeping something. Jordan goes to Alec and tells him that he’s willing to ditch Rebecca and switch sides for an honest relationship with Mads. It is revealed that Jordan was the one who made the call to frame Alec with the tire iron under Rebecca’s commands. Kristin is seeing Alec, which is getting to Ted. Ethan figures out that Emma thinks Ted is a suspect. Mads overhears a conversation between Jordan and Rebecca, in which Rebecca tells him to spy on Mads and her friends to get updated information on Theresa. Jordan, however, tells Mads about the conversation and tells her that he knows about Emma. Alec tells Thayer that he loves him. The police find Theresa’s car, which contained nothing but her written wedding vows. Dan vows to kill the person who took Theresa from him. In the middle of the night, Ted appears at the cemetery, looking for something that he had dropped. Emma is already there, in complete shock that her suspicions about her father being a murderer has seemingly been proven true. There to help Cathy are co-hosts Danica Kennedy and special guest Allie Gonino (Laurel Mercer). It’s Lying Game’s “Bride and Go Seek” podcast!

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