Jeremy Allen White’s Career Evolution, from ‘Shameless’ to ‘The Bear’!

From starring in ‘Shameless’ for 11 seasons, to winning an Emmy for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Jeremy Allen White’s stardom hasn’t come easy. 

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Before the white tee shirt, apron and tattoos adorned his muscular figure in Hulu’s The Bear, Jeremy’s first breakout role in Showtime’s Shameless launched the then 20-year-old’s career into the stratosphere.

From an emerging cult TV character, to an Emmy Award-winning lead actor, Jeremy has done it all!

The Brooklyn native originally trained as a dancer and showed off his moves in jazz, tap and ballet; putting his dancing shoes aside in middle school to pursue a career in acting. The rebellious teen insisted on dropping out of high school to act, but was coaxed by his parents to finish school and enter a part-time internship with a casting agency.

Fresh out of high school and with acting roles in Conviction (2006) and Beautiful Ohio (2006), White landed the role of “Lip” Gallagher, earning him a 2014 Critics Choice Award Nomination for best supporting actor in a comedy series.

After Shameless, Jeremy took on several other roles to polish his acting chops in the films like Chasing You (2017) and Cornflower (2018), as well as the TV series Homecoming (2018), of which he starred in four episodes.

Jeremy finally found his footing as Chef Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto in The Bear, training at the Institute of Culinary Education in Pasadena to master his cooking skills. Slicing and dicing his way on the chopping board and on screen earned this chef a slew of awards – including two Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy.

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Jeremy’s presence isn’t limited to television, as he starred alongside Zac Efron, Harris Dickinson and Lily James in 2023’s The Iron Claw as the real-life wrestler Kerry Von Erich.Though he didn’t prepare any food for this role, he sure did eat plenty and train in the gym to transform his ripped body for the wrestling ring.

Fans can expect to see Jeremy as “Carmy” in future seasons of The Bear, as well as in You Can’t Win, according to IMDB. The upcoming drama is based on the 1926 memoir of a petty thief, Jack Black, and portrays the story of one man’s life during the final days of America’s Wild West.

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