Jazmine Sullivan Songs You Need To Know!

Jazmine Sullivan is going on tour for her album Heaux Tales. To make sure you’re ready here’s some songs you should know!

After the long-awaited release of her album Heaux Tales, Jazmine Sullivan has officially announced that she will be going on tour in February of 2022. To make sure you are prepared to sing your heart out, here are some of her songs you should know!

Bust Your Windows

‘Bust Your Windows,’ off her freshman album Fearless, is one of Jazmine’s most notorious ballads, and for good reason. If you’re dealing with a bad breakup, or just want to familiarize yourself with the artist, this is a great place to start.

One Night Stand

This song sounds like a unique blend of R&B and Motown, with Jazmine’s powerful vocals really shining through on this record. ‘One Night Stand’ chronicles her adventures with a mystery man who is the Kryptonite to her Superwoman persona. And with a range like hers, there is no denying she has superpowers.

Holding You Down (Goin’ In Circles)

Missy Elliot’s production really brings this opening track on Jazmine’s sophomore album to life. She has an innate ability to paint pictures of the various emotions we experience throughout different relationships, and “Holding You Down” is one of those paintings.

Luv Back

This dancehall-inspired outro to her album Love Me Back is a fun and uplifting song about moving on from relationships that no longer serve us. It also highlights the versatility of Jazmine’s vocals, completely owning this melody.

Silver Lining

Coming off of her album Reality Show, you can really hear Jazmine’s growth both sonically, and in her lyrics. This is a great song you should listen to when you need your mood elevated when you need to find the silver lining.

Let It Burn

“Let It Burn” is a classic Jazmine song, her lyrics describing an undeniable and earth-shattering love. The power in being open to, and surrendering to the effects that love can have on you.

On It

So Ari Lennox and Jazmine Sullivan on a track together is everything this world didn’t know it needed. Featured on Heaux Tales, “On It” highlights their unique yet classic R&B sounds blending together beautifully, and it’s a great song to set the mood too if you catch our drift.

Lost One

This song is one of Jazmine’s more raw and vulnerable songs exploring feelings surrounding a failed relationship. The loss that we feel like we’ve lost a part of ourselves. Her words are like a much-needed hug from a loved one.

Jazmine’s Tiny Desk Concert

An honorable mention: If you can’t make it to her live show, or prefer more intimate concerts, we definitely recommend watching Jazmine’s Tiny Desk Home Concert.

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