Is Miley Cyrus Hinting At A Possible ‘Hannah Montana’ Reboot?

As Hannah Montana celebrates its 15th anniversary, we discuss whether Miley Cyrus is insinuating her iconic character’s possible reprisal.  

Fans got the best of both worlds last week as Miley Cyrus honored the 15th anniversary of Hannah Montana. She celebrated the memory of her character through letters, gifts, and a Hannah Montana-themed party. We had to wonder, though, is this more than a remembrance of her character? Could Miley Cyrus be secretly telling us through symbols that she’s making a return as the beloved Disney Channel popstar? We had to do some sleuthing to find out.

A Celebratory Letter

Cyrus posted a letter she had written to Hannah Montana on Instagram and Twitter, giving thanks to the character who helped her grow into the person she is today. With a purple glittery background and shiny stars, she reminisced about her time on the show and the friends she made along the way.

While Cyrus wrote about Montana in the past tense, she said the words, “I am not only indebted to you, Hannah, but to any + everyone who believed in me from the beginning.” She wouldn’t use the word indebted if there wasn’t more context to it. Is this Cyrus’s way of saying that she owes it to Montana to try it again?

Sending Gifts to Friends

Cyrus sent flowers and handwritten notes to some friends and cast members of the show. She sent them over to Corbin Bleu (who starred in the show’s pilot), Selena Gomez (who played Montana’s frenemy, Mikayla), Emily Osment (Montana’s best friend), Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, and her real mom (Tish). Cyrus even sent flowers over to Migos, who penned a song, “Hannah Montana,” after the star.

Montana’s love interest Jake Ryan (Cody Linley), took to Instagram after receiving his flowers. As he thanked her for the gift, he asked, “Maybe a reunion is in order?” While we don’t know if he means a show reunion or just a casual meetup, his suggestion gives us hope.

Endless Hannah Montana Instagram Posts

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Cyrus has posted Hannah Montana videos and photos on her Instagram.

Rocking the Hannah Wig

Now, we may be trying to come to unusual conclusions, but what we do know is that Cyrus wants to put back on the wig for real someday. On Carolina With Greg T In The Morning Show back in August, Cyrus mentioned she would like to resurrect her in the future. “And also, yea, I’d love to do a series again,” she told Carolina Bermudez, “I think it would be hard for me to get locked into a soundstage for a couple of years, but that’s sometime in the future, and hopefully I’m directing it.”

We know she misses the wig because she posted a video on her Twitter in March of 2019 where she’s wearing long blond locks just like Hannah Montana’s. It can’t just be a coincidence.

We’re not sure whether Miley Cyrus is just messing with her fans during the show’s 15th anniversary or if she’s sending us hints that she’s bringing back Hannah Montana. All we know is that we miss her, and we’re so thankful for what the show has given us. For now, we’ll just be jamming along as we watch reruns on Disney+.

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