Iconic Moments from Marvel TV Series On Disney+!

Disney+ brought the MCU to our fingertips with a huge collection of original series that have been welcomed into the MCU. The shows are just as thrilling and exciting to watch as the movies are. Today, we bring you the iconic moments from Marvel TV Series on Disney+!

WandaVision – The Final Battle

WandaVision starts as a happy sitcom, and before you know it, Wanda, Vision, and their sons are fighting Agatha. While Vision tries to fight White Vision, Wanda is in charge of defeating Agatha, and it does feel like you’re watching The Avengers.

To end the battle, Vision and White Vision end their feud while Wanda casts runes that allow her to absorb Agatha’s powers. All while she transforms from Wanda to the Scarlet Witch superhero outfit. The scene brings chills every time and fans feel the same way.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Sam Gets Denied a Bank Loan

A powerful message in this show is seeing how Sam Wilson deals with his identity as a superhero without Steve Rogers at his side. Sam is denied a bank loan because he cannot provide proof of income from the last 5 years due to Thanos snapping half of the world out of existence. No one expected to be faced with the reality of systemic racism in the MCU, but it brings up an important conversation that needs to be had.

After being denied, the loan officer dares to ask Sam for a selfie. Even after being gone for 5 years, the world did not change as soon as everyone was snapped back into existence. We continue to see Sam battle with becoming the true owner of the shield while Bucky pushes him to the brink of frustration.

Loki – The Infinity Stones are Paperweights at the TVA

Hearts broke during Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game. We saw some of the superheroes we grew up with sacrifice their lives for the well-being of over half of the world’s population.

However, after losing his own life in Avengers: Infinity War and reminiscing about it throughout the very first episode, he finds himself discovering a lot about the TVA. When he escapes Mobius, Loki aims to find the tesseract to help him escape, but his searches lead him to distress when he sees that the Infinity Stones hold no value at the TVA. They are just paperweights, but in his world, they were everything the Avengers needed to save their home planet.

Hawkeye – The Final Battle with Kate and Clint

Clint was not the most excited when he learned that he has to save Kate Bishop from the Tracksuit Mafia after she began wearing his Ronin costume. However, over the time they spend together, they grow extremely close and form a bond when he learns that she saw him fighting during the battle against the Chitauri.

During the final episode, the two would fight off their enemies at the ice rink by using Pym Particles and all sorts of cool arrow tricks. At this moment, you can see all Kate has been working for, and a spark come back to life in Hawkeye as he discovers people do admire Hawkeye. In the end, we see Clint hand Kate an arrow and is considered to be OG Hawkeye passing off the torch to the new Hawkeye.

Moon Knight – Marc and Steven in the Duat

During episodes 4-6, Marc and Steven are in the Duat, which is the Egyptian afterlife, where souls await judgment where they hear the verdict of where their final resting place will be. In these episodes, Marc and Steven are faced with confronting their past, such as the abuse from their mother, the loss of their sibling, and a rough adolescent life.

It is here that Marc and Steven are faced with the reality of their mental health issues, and they travel back to the origin of their identities. It wasn’t until this moment that the audience was exposed to Marc’s tragic life, which was the perfect moment. MovieWeb believes the producers and writers did a fantastic job by hiding their past from audiences.

Ms. Marvel – The Superhero Suit Reveal

Kamala is a regular Avengers fanatic, and nobody blames her. Throughout the show, she is presented with gifts from her friends and family, and these gifts ultimately lead to the creation of her very own superhero suit. Watching her favorite heroes bravely wear their suits; it was only fitting that Kamala have her suit.

The mask she wears was made by her best friend Bruno, the red sash she wears comes from Red Dagger, the lighting bolt logo was from Kamala’s broken necklace, and the most special part is the bolt logo looks like the Arabic letter K, which is the first letter of Kamala’s name.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – She-Hulk Breaks the Fourth Wall and into Marvel Studios

In the season finale, She-Hulk, like usual, breaks the fourth wall, but this time she also breaks into Marvel Studios to complain about how the writers are ending the season. You see her jump from her thumbnail on Disney+ into another until she finally arrives at Marvel Studios.

Here she asks for a better ending to her story but also asks the questions the MCU fans are dying to know, such as when to expect the MCU debut of X-Men. However, what is even more hilarious is that she speaks to an A.I machine, called K.E.V.I.N, and this machinery is supposed to be poking fun at Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios.

What If…? – Infinity Ultron Senses Uatu

Ultron, who stole Vision’s body, kills Captain Marvel as well as most of its entire universe. After growing so powerful, Ultron can sense The Watcher and the multiverse. We haven’t seen anyone do this since Doctor Strange gained a power where he senses Uatu. After sensing him, Ultron cracks through its dimension and sets his mind on wiping out the entire multiverse.

According to CBR.com, this moment in the show is one of 10 times when Ultron and Infinity Ultron broke the scale of MCU power. This version of Ultron is beyond powerful, eliminating Thanos and Captain Marvel, two of the most powerful characters in the MCU.

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