How ‘Dance Moms’ Kelly and Christi Define BFF Goals!

Dance Moms Kelly and Christi have been together through thick and thin. Here are 7 examples of how they are the definition of BFF Goals!

Kelly Hyland and Christi Lukasiak made their debut in 2011 as dance moms on the hit reality show of the same name.

The two have always had each other’s back, no matter what was going on in the studio, the Megabus or at a competition.

Here are seven reasons why they are the definition of BFF goals.

No Kelly, No Christi

Where there is Kelly, there is Christi, and vice versa. Whether it’s sticking up for their kids, confronting Abby Lee Miller or arguing with other moms, these two peas in a pod are notorious for having each other’s back. So, it’s no wonder Christi is worried about where her sidekick is? Just like she said when there’s no Kelly, there’s no Christi.

Taking the Subway

Who doesn’t like to explore the city that never sleeps? When it comes to an adventure (or just an escape from the iconic dance studio), count Kelly and Christi in! These two are always down to have a good time no matter what city they are in. They never fall short of cracking up laughing. Who knew riding the subway could be such a fun pastime.

No Panties

When the moms go into a bridal shop for competition headpieces, it turns into a fashion show. Kelly and Christi start exploring the store in pursuit to find one of a kind dresses to try on. But, there’s a slight problem. Kelly admits to her BFF that she is not wearing any underwear. However, it doesn’t stop her from stepping into the gown. It’s way too humorous not to laugh.

Making Martinis

The blind leading the blind. It’s always interesting to see the moms take a break from sitting (or fighting) in the studio for once! Getting a glimpse of Kelly and Christi trying to make martinis is quite hilarious. Not only do they not know how to make them, but they proceed to make the drinks way too strong. The duo’s facial expressions are simply just priceless.

Going Live

“Everyone’s replaceable!” Well except for your bestie! Encouraging your other half and having devious fun is the definition of Kelly and Christi’s friendship. When the two moms go on the radio and call Abby a hypocrite, they may be adding more fuel to the fire, but it’s “whatever.” A funny bonus to this scene is seeing the duo side with Cathy from Candy Apple’s Dance Center. Who would have thought?

Partner in Crime

Not every relationship is perfect, and sometimes you have fights and disagreements with your gal pals. Although heart-breaking to see these two at odds, making up reminds everyone that you will always need your partner in crime. These partners in crime didn’t realize how much they missed each other until they remembered their “powers” only work when aligned together!

BFF Goals

“And then there were two.”
“I know!”
“The two bitches are left.”

Perhaps the most infamous quote from the show has resurfaced and taken a storm on TikTok. Of course, Kelly and Christi had to recreate the scene. While there might not be any truth to this quote; (who doesn’t love the dynamic duo?) it shows that they are a two-for-one deal.

@hyland.kelly Move over Til Tok, the OGs are in the house @christilukasiak #twobitches #dancemoms #kellyandchristi ♬ original sound – Kelly Hyland

This is far from the end of an era with these two besties. The moms are hoping onto the podcast bandwagon.

Back to the Barre with Christi and Kelly premiered on Apple Podcasts on June 6th.

What are you hoping they talk about on their show? Lets us know on Twitter @AfterBuzzTV!

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