Halloween Movies We Believe Deserve A Sequel!

When Halloween rolls around, there are many options to watch, but we could always use a few more continuations of our favorite ones. Here are some Halloween movies we think deserve a sequel!


Coraline is a classic movie that you don’t stop hearing about every time Halloween comes around. Despite its plot not being in the month of October, it is still a fan favorite. For years fans have argued between wanting them to create a sequel or even a live-action film.

The movie is about an 11-year-old girl who is captivated by the world that lies through a little door in her new house. In this world, we meet her other mother and father who have buttons for eyes, and Coraline experiences the perfect life– cool clothes, good food, etc. But there is one condition for her to stay in this world forever, and it is to sew buttons into her eyes. Throughout the rest of the film, she fights her other mother to get her real parents back. The end of the film leaves a bit of a cliffhanger considering we don’t know the fate of her other mother. Is she alive? Is she dead? We do not know. This leaves plenty of room to produce a sequel that fans would love, based on the mark it made amongst horror fans. Over the years, fans have come up with multiple theories on how the franchise would continue; theorists even use the word franchise because it is so iconic. This film’s target audience was originally kids, but now those fans grew up, so the sequel would be targeting a wider range of people such as young adults, adults, and even this new young generation, which would give a really good turnout. The sequel would also give the viewers a sense of nostalgia essentially reminding them of their childhood. 

Fans also want to know more about the backstory of the other mother/the beldam. Coraline is definitely watched more around Fall and Halloween time because it’s spooky and overall gives off an ominous vibe just in time for the season. Having a release of a sequel, specifically around Halloween would up its ratings and add viewers to the fanbase. 


Monster House

Monster House is about a haunted house that has a soul of its own. In that house lives an old man who warns kids to stay off of his property and takes anything that crosses onto his lawn. An investigative preteen across the street has been observing this house for years wanting to expose its mysteries. After an altercation with the old man that lived in the haunted house left him hospitalized, the house begins to haunt the young boy across the street. Together he, his best friend, and a girl from outside the neighborhood who the house intended to consume, try to explore the house to find a way to put a stop to it before unsuspecting kids go there to trick or treat. No adults believe the kids because the house only exposes itself to children. It is later discovered that the old man was scaring children away to protect them from the house as it has repressed anger towards children, and the soul of the house turned out to be the old man’s wife who died on the house property 40 years ago. The husband built the house on top of her so they can stay where they intended to live together. The old man and the kids have to team up to put a stop to the house as it rampages the neighborhood. Although the end of the movie was wrapped up pretty well, we are all itching for more. The animation in the movie from 2006 was great, so you could only imagine a sequel with the updated animation now in 2022. With the theme of some of our favorite old Halloween Movies releasing a sequel, we would love for this to be one brewing in the queue. 

Now that this group has conquered one supernatural foe, there could be others lurking in the town for them to handle. The sequel could show them as a full-force task squad seeking out other things that could harm children, adults, or both.


Hubie Halloween 

We love Adam Sandler movies, and in 2020, Happy Madison Productions blessed us with another great one– except this time they gave us a Halloween version! Set in Salem, Massachusetts, Adam Sandler who plays Hubie Dubois in the film spends his time on Halloween surveying the neighborhood and keeping others from wrongdoing, although they spend most of their time pranking and making fun of Hubie. This year though everything is different as Hubie has a new neighbor straight from a mental institution, children are disappearing, and there is a real-life murder and mystery for Hubie to solve.  There are other incredible actors in the film such as Kevin James, Ben Stiller, Noah Schnapp, Peyton List, Karan Brar, and more! This Halloween movie is a comedy, much different than other Halloween movies that happen to be on the spookier side most of the time. Hubie Halloween brightened the mood up with a little bit of laughter. How can you not want a sequel to that?!

Now that Hubie has proven himself to the town and gotten his happily ever after what’s next? A sequel could see Hubie desperately trying to find another case to crack, and how that’s affecting his marriage. Maybe this franchise could even explore a different holiday.


Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride is one of the most underrated Halloween movies we’ve had the privilege of watching. A spooky Halloween movie mixed with a musical!!! Are you joking? This movie is known for having a different type of scary vibe. The film was released in 2005 and was directed by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson. This wasn’t Burton’s first delve into this type of animation as he was the mastermind behind The Nightmare Before Christmas as well. As we’ve mentioned it is one of the most underrated Halloween films, but whoever has seen and appreciates the movie knows it is definitely at the top of their list of films to watch to get them in the Halloween spirit. The film follows Victor who is slated to be married to Victoria but is extremely nervous about getting his upcoming nuptial ceremony right. As he practices in the forest using what he believes to be a stick as his intended finger he finds himself very much married to a corpse bride named Emily. He must now figure out a way to end his current marriage and get back to the land of the living to marry his one true love. However, there is more underfoot than anybody knows. Musicals aren’t exactly known for being scary, so having this is a blessing to our musical theater fans; therefore, making a sequel would one hundred percent cater to its target audience that’s for sure!

Emily sacrificed everything to give Victor and Victoria their happily ever after. Now that she’s at peace we would love to see what her life is like now. The sequel could follow our favorite characters in the land of the dead and we could even get a sneak peek of how Victor and Victoria are doing now.


Girl vs Monster 

Girl vs Monster is a family-friendly Halloween movie that you can stream on Disney Plus. Most of the time Halloween Movies can be a bit extreme for certain age groups to watch, but this is the perfect one to get you in the spirit at any age! It is a Disney movie and we all know Disney never disappoints with anything. The movie’s plot Skylar as she finds out on Halloween eve that she is a 5th generation monster hunter and her parents currently hunt monsters. Now she and her friends have to conquer the greatest monster of all, their own fear, as well as one very real immortal monster who now has her parents.  

A sequel to any Disney movie couldn’t hurt, and we want to see more of this one and what’s going on with Skylar and how her life is now as an actual monster hunter. If Supernatural has taught us anything there are endless stories about monsters and those that hunt them. 

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