Five Female Artists You Should Check Out

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Fully vaccinated and ready to take on the world again? Here are five female artists to check out as you assemble your soundtrack based on your current favs.

Halsey → Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama has made a name for herself in the past year following the release of her debut album Sawayama in 2020. Her R&B influence and no holds barred lyrics have drawn fans in.

Much like Halsey, Rina is unapologetic in her music, like her most recent single with Sir Elton John, “Chosen Family.”

Maggie Rogers → Lucy Dacus
If you’re looking for another artist to round out your Maggie Rogers, Phoebe Bridgers, and Julien Baker listening session, then you’re in luck! Bridgers and Baker’s bandmate from “boygenius” has just released a new album. “Home Video” is Dacus’s third album and it’s full of nostalgia-filled lyrics and emotional vocals.

For a taste of the nostalgia, check out “Cartwheel.”

HAIM → The Aces

Looking for another band for your hot girl summer adventures? The Aces are perfect for windows-down driving and casual hangouts with your friends. Like HAIM, The Aces are comprised of all women and are trying to redefine how women in music are perceived and the connections people instantly make to their gender. To start, they don’t want to be called a girl band or girl group; they’re just a band.

For your next car ride, turn on “Daydream.”

Olivia Rodrigo → Julianna Joy

If you find yourself wanting more songs like those on Sour, then look no further than Julianna Joy. Both artists have named Taylor Swift as an influence, but still have unique styles. Their emotional storytelling sounds like it’s coming right from the pages of their diary- or yours.

For “Driver’s License” vibes, give “Seventeen” a try.

Lorde → Gracie Abrams

If you’re a fan of Lorde’s synth-pop sound and confessional lyrics, you may want to give Gracie Abrams a listen while you wait for “Solar Power” to come out. Her vivid imagery and specific emotions draw you into her music. Abrams even has the Lorde stamp of approval in the form of her follow on Instagram.

If you liked Melodrama, listen to “21.”

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