Finn Wolfhard’s Career Evolution!

Hard to believe there was a time when Finn Wolfhard wasn’t battling evil clowns and demogorgons and was just a new kid on the block, but where did Finn Wolfhard start and when did things really start getting big for him? With ‘Stranger Things’ next season on the horizon, let’s see where the young prodigy started.

Before Stranger Things

Even before starring in the Netflix mega-hit Stranger Things, Finn Wolfhard was in some major shows, like The 100 and Supernatural. In The 100 Wolfhard plays Zoran, a young boy who was forced to exit his clan due to a facial deformity, making him hated by his fellow Nomadic Grounders. In the following year in Supernatural, he plays Jordie Pinksy, a young boy who shares a tender moment with Dean, speaking about family and Dean’s mother who had passed.

Stranger Things


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Fame came quickly to Finn Wolfhard when in 2016 he landed the role of Mike Wheeler in 2016’s Stranger Things. Mike Wheeler would become Wolfhard’s most iconic role, picking up a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2017 and a Kid’s Choice Award in 2023. Stranger Things is still one of Netflix’s most popular shows as its fifth and final season is expected to arrive sometime in early 2025.

Post Stranger Things Season One


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Finn Wolfhard and 80’s theme horror go hand in hand apparently, as Wolfhard would later go on to star in 2017’s It, a film adaptation of Stephen King’s popular novel of the same name. This would be his feature film debut, starring as Richie Tozier, a foul-mouthed member of The Loser’s Club who would go on to battle the evil clown Pennywise with his fellow losers. Next was 2018’s Dog Days in which he starred as a pizza delivery boy alongside Vanessa Hudgens. His voice talent can also be heard in Carmen Sandiego as the character Player, Carmen Sandiego’s best friend. Next, in 2019 he would return as Richie Tozier for It Chapter Two. In 2020, he finds himself as Miles, a young teen navigating a haunted house in The Turning and in the following year, he entered the Ghostbusters franchise as Trevor in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Lastly, in 2022 he starred in When You Finish Saving The World, a comedy/drama directed by Jesse Eisenberg and produced by Emma Stone.



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Finn Wolfhard’s talents aren’t only for TV and movies as he is also musically talented. Wolfhard founded a garage-rock band called Calpurnia. Calpurnia recorded their debut EP, released in June 2018. The group’s first single, “City Boy”, debuted at number 23 on Billboard’s Alternative Digital Songs Chart and reached No 1 on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 playlist. During the band’s three years, Calpurnia toured throughout North America and Europe. In the fall of 2019, Wolfhard and drummer Malcolm Craig formed The Aubreys. In March 2020, the Aubreys released their first official EP titled “Soda & Pie”. Wolfhard also used his growing platform to host an event and raise money for Sweet Relief, an organization that helps musicians in need.

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