Films and TV Shows for Every Mood During Pride Month!

We have the perfect films and TV shows for this Pride Month. Whether you want to cry, laugh, are looking for romance, an amazing coming-out story, or just need some hope, we have them all.

An Amazing Coming Out Story

Heartstopper aired on Netflix in May and has become a fan favorite. The protagonist, Nick Nelson has a coming-out experience that every queer person deserves. The delicate moment between his mom was beautiful and will get the tears rolling, to say the least. Since airing, Netflix announced that there will be two more seasons of the comic book-based show!

A Good Cry

Looking for a good cry? Look no further than Portrait of a Lady on Fire, a period drama that centers around a sapphic romance. While the movie is beautiful, it is also sad, but you will have to watch to find out why. You can stream the film on Hulu with a premium subscription.

A Good Laugh

But I’m a Cheerleader is a cult classic. The satirical film stars icons Natasha Leon and Clea DuVall. This movie will be sure to have you laughing nonstop. Watch the film for free on Pluto TV.

A Good Romance

Love, Simon is the perfect queer film for when you’re feeling romantic. The story takes us through the twist and turns of an online romance that progresses to real life. It doesn’t hurt that Simon is a major heartthrob. You can stream it on Hulu now with a premium subscription!

For When You Need Some Hope

Schitt’s Creek is an obvious pick. Whether you’ve watched it 5 times or none, it hits the same every time. Dan Levy chose to make the Schitt’s Creek world much more accepting than the reality for many people today. Doing so has created hope for what the world could be and allows viewers to escape from the tough reality briefly. You can stream all 6 seasons on Netflix!

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