Fiercest Female Moments – Game Of Thrones Off Season

Join hosts Kristen Snyder, Ryan Malaty, Mina Wahab, and Lauren LoGrasso as they discuss the latest news, fan theories, and the Fiercest Females of Game of Thrones!!!
News story 1
Game of Thrones’ filming locations in Northern Ireland to open as tourist attractions
HBO announced Monday it plans to convert some of the show’s most famous filming locations in Northern Ireland into tourist attractions, Variety reports.
The network is currently planning to open the Game of Thrones Legacy attraction next year, which will allow visitors to explore Winterfell, Castle Black and Kings Landing, along with a studio tour featuring props and materials from the show’s eight seasons.
HBO is working with Tourism NI to develop the attraction, which is said to be “on a scale and scope bigger than anything the public has ever seen,” according to the network.
News story 2
Kit Harington talks Game of Thrones’ surprise Emmy win, reveals what he kept from set
The cast and crew of Game of Thrones descended on the 2018 Primetime Emmy Awards having won the top award of the night — Outstanding Drama Series — for the show’s past two seasons. But that didn’t mean they weren’t surprised when season 7 made it a trifecta. “It was exciting to be at the Emmy Awards again and to win, because we weren’t expecting to a win this time,” star Kit Harington (Jon Snow) told Men’s Journal. “We were away for a while, and I wasn’t even sure we’d get nominated, which in some ways sounds mad. But we missed a year and sometimes they’ll wait for a final season to give the awards. I thought Season 7 was brilliant, and I’m glad they recognized that.”
Harington also revealed that he engaged in a time-honored tradition among actors whose time on a set has come to an end: stealing props. So what did Harington keep as a memento of his eight seasons on Game of Thrones?
I actually didn’t take anything too crazy. I kept some of the armor that I use for Jon Snow’s outfit, like the wrist protectors I’ll wear in his costume. I thought those were pretty cool.
Fiercest Female moments in Game of Thrones:
12. When Daenerys ate a horse’s heart like it was chicken.
11. That time Brienne of Tarth fought a bear… and lived.
10. The Sand Snakes
9. When Margery Tyrell did anything and everything to ensure her Queendom.
8. When Ygritte offered Jon Snow some simple sex advice
7. Any time Melisandre manipulated a situation to get everyone to do exactly what she wanted. Teach us your ways.
6. When Olenna Tyrell eluded to possibly aiding in the killing of King Joffrey and everyone was like YES.
5. Sansa orchestrating Peter Baelish’s death
4. Anytime Dany says Dacarys
3. When Cersei made it clear she takes sh*t from no one. No one. She Blew up the Sept.
2. Every time Arya Stark is on screen
        Walter Frey scene etc
1. Catelyn Stark falling in love with Ned and raising a badass bunch of females and continuing the Stark lineage
Who would win and why:
Arya vs Cersei
Ygritte vs Yara
Melisandre vs Olenna Tyrell
Dany vs any other female on the show

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