Fan Reactions To ‘Renaissance: A Film By Beyeoncé’!

Beyoncé calls her summer Renaissance World Tour her gratitude tour and a love letter to her fans. The buzz from the BeyHive is loud; let’s see what they have to say after watching ‘Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé’.  

The BeyHive came ready to serve and slay on December 1st for the debut of Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé. This is the first concert film to be directed, written, and produced by the artist. The film follows Beyoncé on her Renaissance World Tour, performing in over 50 shows across North America and Europe.

She not only takes fans behind the curtain of the performances but backstage into her personal life. Beyoncé calls Renaissance her gratitude tour, fans allowing her to find freedom within her 27-year career. The Queen B, as her loyal hive sees her, trusts her supporters enough to reveal her raw and vulnerable self.

Beyoncé as a mother, wife, and a human being

Fans only see the surface level of legends like Beyoncé, but the artist confides in her fans and reveals the struggle of balancing motherhood and her career. Fans enjoyed witnessing the superstar as a mother to her three children.

While Blue took the stage at the concert, Rumi was definitely one of the main stars of the film.

While Beyoncé may seem industrious and even bionic, given her work ethic and success, she is prone to illnesses and injuries. Showing her humanity left fans in tears, feeling more love and admiration for the artist.

Consensus: Beyoncé is the greatest artist of our generation

Her career of almost three decades proves that she is not just a revolutionary performer and singer but a visionary. The film illustrates Beyoncé’s involvement with every detail of the production – from creating the set list to designing the stage and lighting. She stays consistent with her vision and continues to outdo herself even when it seems impossible. Fans began clapping when she said she “has nothing more to prove.”

Give it up for Blue Ivy Carter

Over the summer, the Beyhive bowed down to a new icon – Beyoncé’s 11-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. She was featured throughout the summer tour, dancing beside her mother to the songs “My Power” and “Black Parade.” While her performance was planned as a one-time event, Blue retained her place on stage, just like her mother. After viewing some negative social media comments, Blue worked to prove the haters wrong. Fans witnessed Blue’s confidence grow from May to October, showcasing their love for the 11-year-old and feeling pride for her mother

Blue Ivy as Beyoncés manager

Fans cheered with blue balloons watching, mini-Bey dance her heart out. But the documentary also allowed fans to meet Blue and fall in love with her. Viewers in theaters clapped when Blue complained to her mom about excluding the song “Diva” from the setlist. The singer listened to her daughter, and we now have Blue to thank for giving us that iconic new choreography.

@blueivy_c DIVAAA???😭 #blueivy #blueivycarter #beyonce #renaissance #renaissancefilm #renaissancemovie #renaissancemoviepremiere #renaissanceworldtour #rwt #bts ♬ original sound – 🦋IV

People also laughed after Blue told her mom to rest when she was exhausting herself with the intricate details of the placement of fingers from her balloon statue. Fans enjoyed every minute of watching their mother-daughter dynamic.

Theaters getting heated

Screens transformed into a stage in theaters across the globe. Audience members ‘clacked’ their fans and danced in their chrome cowboy boots. Her performances left the crowds full of energy!

Her fans are so loyal that they even completed the “Mute Challenge” in theaters.

Cardi B’s reaction was definitely a fan favorite.

Alien Superstar Malfunction

A memorable moment for the fans was when the artist included a technical malfunction during her “Alien Superstar” performance. Some fans who were at that concert in Arizona were excited to see themselves on screen!

Fans respected Beyoncé for showing some production flaws. They were left with chills when viewing the performer’s calm and positive energy backstage.

New credit song

Beyoncé even knows how to make the credits entertaining! Her new upbeat and high-energy song “My House” played as the credits rolled. Fans stayed in theaters feeling grimy and voguing.

The Renaissance film has already received a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes and is expected to receive $20-$24 million in its opening weekend. The film is a masterclass in artistry, individuality, and giving back to those who inspired her to transform the world. The Queen left a space for people to feel free, and unapologetically embrace their identity, flaws and all.

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