Fan Reactions to Netflix’s ‘First Kill’!

Netflix’s First Kill has taken the internet by storm! Check out supportive Twitter fan reactions to Netflix’s lesbian vampire drama series! 

First Kill aired on Netflix on June 10th. There was a lot of excitement around the series and hope for an enjoyable and positive on-screen lesbian relationship. And sure enough, they delivered! First Kill has gardened significant support from Twitter’s LGBTQ+ community and many are hoping for a Netflix Renewal. Check out the supportive tweets below!

Fans online spoke about how insane the views were within the first week. The show quickly made its way into the top 10 after its release.

Many fans spoke to the importance of the show and the waves it is making in LGBTQ+ media, more specifically, sapphic media.

People have fallen in love with the cast both on and off-screen!

Black queer fans have loved having a Black love interest. Representation in gender, sexual orientation, race, etc., are all so important in moving towards creating more authentic media and the steps Netflix has taken in that direction have not gone unnoticed.

Although not everyone loved First Kill, many people still gave it a chance even after seeing varying views. Many were surprised and enjoyed the show despite specific comments they had seen online. Don’t knock it till you try it!!

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