Fan Reactions to ‘Ms. Marvel’!

The season finale is out, and the verdict is in, check out the fan Twitter reactions to Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel series!

Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel premiered on June 8th, 2022. With all six episodes of the series out, the reviews are in and fans are loving Marvel’s take on the comic. While it is not perfect comic book accuracy, fans are most pleased with the positive Muslim representation. Kamala’s religion and Pakistani identity play a key role in the comics, to see that come to life and take place on screen is empowering and impactful for viewers. Check out Twitter’s fan responses to the series!

Episode 1: Generation Why

Episode 2: Crushed

Episode 3: Destined

Episode 4: Seeing Red

Episode 5: Time and Again

Episode 6: No Normal

If you are itching for more Ms. Marvel content, stay ready for The Marvels which is projected to have a theatrical release in February 2023!

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