Everything You Should Know About Ariana Grande’s New Album, ‘Eternal Sunshine’!

Releasing on music platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, here is everything fans need to know before listening to Ariana Grande’s seventh studio album!

The last time fans got music from pop legend Ariana Grande was almost four years ago on October 30th, 2020. After this long hiatus, fans are eager to hear what this pop-star has in store for the next installment in her discography.

The Tracklist


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In her return to music, Ariana is dropping a 13 song album entitled Eternal Sunshine. Beginning the album is a song called “intro (end of the world)” reminiscent of the beginning of Sweetner and the song “raindrops (an angel cried)” Next up is the song “bye” followed by “don’t want to break up again”. This album comes after her divorce with her husband Dalton Gomez and amid the controversy of her relationship with Ethan Slater. Whether these songs will be talking about her current and past relationship is still to be seen, but it does have fans on the edge of their seat!

The next songs on the album are “Saturn Return Interlude”, “eternal sunshine”, and “supernatural”. Each title is following a theme of the universe and its many wonders. Ariana Grande is not new to incorporating elements of space, the universe, and planets into her songs. On thank u, next she released the song “NASA” and on Sweetner she released a song entitled “God is a woman” with a music video taking place in the milky way.

The next six songs on the album, “true story”, “the boy is mine”, “yes, and?”, “we can’t be friends (wait for your love)”, “i wish i hated you” and “imperfect for you”, seem to center around the idea of love and the intricate nature of those relationships.

Ariana finishes the tracklist with, “ordinary things (ft. nonna)”. Grande is no stranger to having her Nonna accompany her on track. On Ariana’s album thank u, next, she made a cameo during the song “bloodline”.

Writers and Producers

The only credits listed on the album so far are Ariana Grande herself, Max Martin, and Ilya Salmanzadeh, also known as ILYA. Max Martin and Ariana Grande have a long history as they worked on her second studio album My Everything. The two have continued to collaborate throughout her career working on the albums Dangerous Woman, Sweetner, and thank u, next. ILYA has worked as a producer on many of Ariana Grande’s songs such as “Into You” and “Break Up With Your Girlfriend I’m Bored” as well as many others.

Working with a well trusted team, fans can be sure that this album is in good hands!

The Cover

There are multiple versions of a cover floating around on streaming platforms as well as her personal store.

On streaming platforms, the cover is Ariana Grande with her iconic ponytail resting her head on another blonde, ponytailed woman. This image follows a similar color palette to the cover of her single “yes, and?”.

Grande has released multiple versions of album covers on her store. For the Exclusive Cover No. 1, Ariana can be seen with her signature red lip and delicate red gloves shading her face from the light. While the Exclusive Cover No. 2 is the same as the one released on streaming platforms. Exclusive Cover No. 3 for the CD is a myriad of images of her in the red dress in front of a white background. Finally, the Exclusive Cover No. 4 is her in a red dress on a couch with a lamp nearby dressed in darkness. All of these covers can be purchased on her store in any medium fans desire whether that be CD or Vinyl.

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