Everything to Know About The ‘Stranger Things’ Stage Play and Spin-Off Series!

With Stranger Things season 4 finally out, Netflix and the Duffer Brothers have confirmed that the Stranger Things expanded universe will be getting its own stage play and spin-off series! Let’s take a look at what’s to come!

It’s official– Matt and Ross Duffer (a.k.a the Duffer Brothers) announced on July 6th, 2022 that they have created a new production company called Upside Down Pictures and have recommitted to Netflix with several upcoming projects, including a Stranger Things stage play and spin-off series that fans won’t want to miss!


According to the Duffer Brothers, Upside Down Pictures will “aim to create the kind of stories that inspired the Duffers growing up – stories that take place at that beautiful crossroads where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, where big spectacle co-exists with intimate character work, where heart wins out over cynicism.”

Recently, the Duffers went home for a few weeks before they will start writing the 5th and final season of Stranger Things in August. They told Deadline that a significant objective is to “stick the landing” with the last 20 minutes they have previously outlined.

Now to the Stranger Things stage play, the Duffers are in the midst of creating a new stage play set that will take place inside the world of their hit Netflix series. The few details that were released stated that it would be, “set within the world and mythology of Stranger Things,” and will be co-produced and directed by Stephen Daldry.

The play is one of a few undertakings the Duffers affirmed they’re chipping away at with Upside Down Pictures, which will be headed by producer Hilary Leavitt and is part for their general arrangement with Netflix.

The Duffers also announced that many new projects will be made, including a live-action Stranger Things spin-off based on the original thought by The Duffer Brothers, with Upside Down and 21 Laps producing (no other details have been given).


On July 6th, 2022, Netflix tweeted the details of the projects that are currently in development with Upside Down Pictures.

Looks like, after the final season of Stranger Things that will be released in 2024, fans will still have some things to look forward to!

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