Everything Keanu Reeves is Up To in 2023!

Everyone’s favorite Hollywood iconoclast wears many hats – here is what you can look forward to from the maverick in the world of entertainment.

John Wick: Chapter 4/Upcoming Spinoff Ballerina

Hot on the heels of the fourth installment in the smash-hit John Wick series, Reeves is working on a spinoff movie, Ballerina, scheduled for release next year. It’s up there with The Matrix as one of his most celebrated roles, and Reeves is taking proper advantage of the hype. One could say he’s making a killing – literally and fictionally.

Getting a Substance Named in His Honor – Keanumycin

This one you didn’t expect! The strange entity that’s deadly to fungi is now bearing a name that tips its hat to the man himself.

ARCH Bikes

Many celebrities are motorcycle enthusiasts, but Reeves is actually the co-owner and co-founder of a motorcycle company. His bikes run into the six figures (think the equivalent of a multi-million-dollar Bugatti), and are peerless road cruisers for long rides.

Dogstar Reunion

Nothing like getting the band back together! The band is set to release their first album in decades in the coming months, after releasing two albums at the turn of the millennium. Reeves, the stud that he is, plays bass.

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