Everything Emma Roberts’ Revealed In Her Cosmopolitan Interview

We knew Emma was pregnant but keep reading to find out what new things we learned from her!

Yes, she is the first pregnant woman to be on the cover of Cosmopolitan!

Emma Roberts, known for her roles on hit shows like American Horror Story and Scream Queens, graced the cover of the monthly fashion magazine for its latest edition.

The actress revealed her pregnancy to the world on Instagram in late August. And also revealed her cover for Cosmo just recently. Here’s what we learned from her Cosmo interview.

She Has Endometriosis

In her interview, she revealed that she had endometriosis, which went unnoticed until a couple of years ago.

Because of this diagnosis, she was told to freeze her eggs which she did.

Her yearning to be a mom was there since she was younger, but to see that dream affected by endometriosis, she felt like she was to blame.

Emma, however, found comfort with other women going through similar experiences and realized that she was not alone, and that it was not her fault.

Before she knew it, she became pregnant with her first child, a boy!

Raising Her Child

Emma Roberts knows the grueling effects that Hollywood and fame can have on a person.

Growing up, she watched how people followed her aunt, Julia Roberts, everywhere and took pictures of her whenever they got the chance.

It’s something she also signed up for when she began acting. And while she did sign up for it, she knows her son did not. However, she’s excited to raise him, and create this world that he can grow up in. From tucking him in, to waking him up, she’s ready for all of it!

Becoming A Producer

Did you know that Emma is the co-founder of Belletrist, a community for people to discover and read new books.

Through Belletrist, Emma was able to land a deal with both Hulu and Netflix to turn some of her favorite stories into TV shows.

She revealed that she has always wanted to create and was happy to see something she loved become what it is today.

Emma looks absolutely stunning in her Cosmo cover and AfterBuzz TV is excited for her to begin this next chapter in her life.

(P.S. Emma is starring alongside Luke Bracey in the movie Holidate, which you can stream right now on Netflix)

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