Eli Gorre and Cyrus Hobbi guest on Ballers S:4 The Devil You Know E:8

Hosts Felicia Michelle, Tenere Williams, Francesca, and Ivanna chat with guests Eli Gorre and Cyrus Hobbi about this week’s episode. The panel discusses NCAA rules, the NFL’s relationship with players speaking out. Also what it was like for the two young actors to work with the legendary DeWayne Johnson.

Ballers is an American television series created by Steve Levinson. A series centered around a group of football players and their families, friends, and handlers. The pilot episode was written by Levinson and directed by Peter Berg. A superstar during his football playing days, Spencer Strasmore tries to find the same success as a financial manager for current players in sun-splashed Miami. Heeding his boss Joe’s instruction to “monetize his friendships,” Spencer builds a client base of young phenoms and veteran stars alike, but his role in their lives far exceeds money management as he struggles to help them navigate the many traps that come with life as big-time “ballers.” The series is created by Stephen Levinson (“Entourage,” “Boardwalk Empire”) and stars Dwayne Johnson as Spencer.